School Supplies

Well, today is the first full day of school. It of course started like 90% of school mornings start: "Mom, I don't have any pants to wear." That of course is absurd, because each child started the year out (last Thursday) with three pair of pants and four shirts, and six each ofunderwear and socks! So having no pants just is not acceptable. The rule in our house is that I don't wash them if they're not in the laundry, and considering that there have only been two days of school, being out of three pair of pants just doesn't make any sense. They were eventually found, but not by me, because I refused to look. :)

I've been wanting to record our school supply list, because it seems astronomical, so here it is...the 2008-09 St. Teresa School supply list for 4 children, grades K, 1,3, and 5:

Back packs: 4
School boxes: 4
Pencil Bag: 1
Red Pens: 6
Blue Pens: 6
Pencils: 46
Pencil Sharpeners: 2
Large erasers: 8
Elmer's Glue: 3
Glue Sticks: 34
Fiskar Scissors 5": 4
Fiskar Scissors 8": 1
Wooden Ruler: 2
Crayons (24): 3
Crayons (48): 1
Crayons (64): 1
Crayola Markers: 4
Colored Pencils: 1
Watercolor paint: 2
Dry Erase Marker: 7
Sharpee: 3
Hilighter: 3
Wide Rule Paper: 150 pages
College Rule Paper: 400 pages
70 ct. college rule spiral notebook: 3
2 pocket folder: 7
2 Pocket folder with brads: 5
1" 3 ring binder: 2
Box of Kleenex: 5
Package of 3x5 index cards: 3
Hand sanitizer: 2
3 subject notebook: 1
Clorox wipes: 3
Thin crayola markers (8 ct): 1
Thin crayola markers (12 ct): 1
Calculator: 1
Large towel: 1
Paint shirt: 1

Total: approx. $175
Additional supplies:
Book covers, music stand, music book: $35
Lunch money: $35/wk
Uniforms: 4 new pair of shoes, 10 new pair of pants, 6 new shirts, 1 sweater, 24 pair of socks, 24 pair of underwear, jumper, 5 new pair of shorts: $350.00
Band instrument: $65/mo.
Leftover uniforms from last year: enough to fill in the gaps so each child can have 3 pair of pants and 4 shirts to start with.
Tuition and book fee: $475 (for all four kids for the entire year!)
School family fee: $23

A great education at a fantastic school: PRICELESS

Ok, I know that was a little lame, but I think it will be interesting if I track this every year. It is almost comical when I make my master school supply list to shop from.