Just the things i remembered I forgot!

Where has the time gone? I'm sure if I blogged everyday, they'd be short and sweet, instead of paragraphs long trying to cram in everything that I can remember!! We have two days until school starts, which is bitter sweet. Routine is always welcome, and even though we sort of had one in the summer, it has fallen by the wayside in the last several weeks. We've stayed up later, slept in longer, quite frankly been quite lazy. The kids haven't really been to the pool in two weeks, but maybe this weekend.

We didn't make it camping this last weekend...just couldn't get our poop in a group! We went to church on Saturday afternoon, one so that we could camp Saturday night, two because I was already in Lincoln all day to start. We planned to go for a bike ride together Sunday morning, but the bikes couldn't all be done (being fixed) until Wednesday. We went Friday evening and about 200 feet into our ride, Ben's tires were so flat that they were about to fall off the rims! Needless to say he wasn't very happy about having to walk the rest of the way. Mattie has learned to ride without her training wheels this last month. She's doing a really great job...lots of bruises and scrapes to prove that she can! She's going to have knees like mine--all scarred up! She's pretty tough though. Ben is lost without his bike. He asked at least four times on Sunday if it was done at the store yet! Jakob is in line to get a new bike, because currently, Jon doesn't have one. I guess it's good that we can continue to pass bikes down. Ben blew in and took over Jon's bike, so it's time for them to all move up and Jakob to get a new one. This is when it would be great to have the time to garage sale! New bikes are not cheap! This weather lends itself to great bike riding, and we are at a place where we can now do that! It's nice to have the bike trail so close. Jakob, Tim and Joe went the other night and rode 6 miles. I think Tim came home unable to walk well and Jakob thought it was funny!

Saturday night instead of camping, Tim and Jakob went to a server party that we forgot about...the boys and their dads ate pizza and then went to a Saltdogs game. The consolation prize for the other kids was pulling through Runza and taking it to the park. We had the entire park to ourselves, so it was fun. The highlight I'm sure was climbing a big evergreen tree. They're all good climbers, but that doesn't make it any less nerve-racking watching them go up or come down.

Joe and I went grocery shopping Thursday night together. I haven't had the chance to do that with just him for a long time. He is such a happy baby and we had such a fun time. I know that sounds crazy to have a fun time grocery shopping with a 1 year old, but usually when we shop, he is in my sling because Ben is in the cart. He was tickled to ride in the cart, waved hello to everyone we passed, talked non-stop and of course helped take things out of the cart onto the checkout stand and slid my card! He just smiles ALL the time--unless he's screaming which he does well too. He reminds us of Joshua as Josh was all smiles all the time too! He is learning by leaps and bounds! He loves to "sing" his ABC's, Alleluia, and hum lullabies. He also folds his hands when we pray and sometimes on his own. He certainly is saying something important...I need to get it on video. He follows Ben around like a little puppy, and has learned to climb up the play structure and go down the slide on his own. His hair is long, and very light brown. It curls al over when it's wet. I refuse to cut it, but Tim threatens that he is going to. Not until after their pictures are taken...then maybe I'll cut it off and he can look like one of the boys! He is incredibly entertained by lifting up my shirt and pinching the roll around my waist!!! Just wait until my belly starts getting big! He'll have a ball!