Happy Birthday Mathilda

Happy birthday to Mattie today! What a grand day for her...her 5th birthday and her very first day of school. Mattie has not gone to preschool, so this really was her very first day of any school. She kicked off the start of her fifth year with a hair cut to fix the result of her fettish with scissors. She cut at least 6 inches off in multiple spots, so the pony tail holders that we just bought will have to again wait. In all truthfullness, short hair really does suit her...I just get eager to have someone recognize that we have a girl. I guess people do, they just think Joe is our girl because of his long curly hair!

Our morning started with breakfast in bed on the Celebrate plate for Mattie, then everyone getting ready for school. Benjamin is still distraught that he is not going to school. For the last 24 hours, he is terribly distraught that it is not HIS birthday as well! He has gone everywhere for two days now with his backpack on his back, and talked about his birthday on March 9th. Four kids walked out the door with Tim this morning. It was a quiet morning, but still full of adventure as Ben and Joe buddied up. A neighbor came over with her little boy and the boys played for a bit. The day was short for school because of a 12:00 dismissal.

Mattie had a birthday party after school on the church lawn right after school. There are nine girls total in her class, so we had nine princesses that ate pizza and grapes (crown jewels) and lemonade (princess potion), played kiss the frog where they stuck lips onto a frog prince while blindfolded and dug for more jewels in a pot of beans. The frog didn't turn into a prince right away, but during lunch, a prince came out with a pair of lips stuck to his cheek. (Joshua, who of course can ham it right up) He then escorted each princess as we announced them as official guests at the royal birthday party. A group of nine girls is certainly different than a group of any size of all boys! They are easier to entertain, and for the most part followed directions pretty well. They're certainly pickier, more emotional, and sassier. We had a fun party. Tim came to help and the boys took Ben and played at the school playground.

When I was pregnant with Mattie, my biggest fear of having a girl was having a bossy, sassy child. Well, that's exactly what I have! It's not all bad...she is the mother hen, but at only five years old, she sure can talk like she's 13! She's as bossy as I could ever imagine, telling people just how it is or how it should be. People have asked if we're going to find out the sex of this baby, and I'm not sure, although it really would be fun to have another girl. I'd like to know what is would be like to have another, yet maybe I can only handle one! On the other hand, maybe it would provide Mattie an opportunity to be more of a girl.

We made a castle cake yesterday, and surprisingly almost the entire cake made it to the party. It was three cake mixes, four cans of frosting, eight cake cones, five sugar cones, a jar of sprinkles and a bag of gum drops...oh, and some marshmallows. From making it to serving it, a chunk of missing cake from the middle top teir was filled in with frosting, it was missing the gum drop flag holders from the top of each turret, several gumdrops on the border were replaced with marshmallows, and some of the original marshmallows were gone too. There were two or three finger swipes through it, but all in all, it was still pretty much in tact. I need to remember next time though that cupcakes really are the best route...or at least consider buying a cake! I don't have the time anymore to make the big creative cakes...I love the idea, but seriously, all I did yesterday was birthday party stuff, in addition to making sure I had food on the table for my family and take and pick kids up from school. It was fun, but I'm glad it's over and won't happen again for a couple of years. Jakob will have a party this year, but planning for 10 year olds has to be a little more simple I would think. We're in the planning stages right now, and so far, the general idea we're working around is a giant sundae, like the one I had at Happy Joes on my birthday once. the great debate is how many to invite...a few of them or all of them.

Two school days down, a whole bunch left!! The newest adventure is just beginning!