Baby news

I'm trying something new today. I've inserted a baby calendar into my blog to help track our baby's growth and development. I'm not sure if it will change daily or if I'll have to change it, but it may be fun to watch and track.

It's been a busy several weeks, and hot too. Maybe it's more that my energy level is at that first trimester LOW! I'm certain I could sleep 75% of the day! Jakob and Joshua have been at Grandma and Grandpa Strickers for the last week. They've been helping in the hay field sometimes from midnight until breakfast. Joshua enjoys it, tolerates it, knowing that it is a temporary situation. Jakob on the other hand would live it daily and never get tired of it. Joshua has had fun, but is ready to come home, Jakob is ready to move in!

School starts in less than 3 weeks. I don't know if we're ready yet, we're feeling the crunch of time and the fact that we haven't done all the summer things we want to do. Even the boys recognize that the years seem to go faster as they get older.

Each of the kids is excited about adding a new sibling. We're excited too, and a little nervous and scared of the unknown--again! This one will bring on the biggest changes, as we can no longer drive a "standard" vehicle. I'm feeling great other than being extremely tired. We suspect that this baby will be a girl. I am seven weeks along, needing progesterone shots twice a week until my levels go up enough that I am not at risk to miscarry. My official 7 week weigh in was 161.7 lbs. Not exactly where I wanted to start, but not really much I can do about it at this point except try to keep the gain to a healthy minimum. I will admit that I'm a little overwhelmed about doing this again during tax season. On a daily basis though, we ask God for guidance, knowing that He will provide for us. Even knowing that though doesn't mean that it isn't still a little scary.

My desire is to blog at least weekly to create a pregnancy journal. I've not been very good about this in the past!