Happy birthday Mathilda!  Eleven.  How does that happen so fast?  Not long ago we were celebrating adding pink to our home.  Three big brothers loved on their baby sister, doting on her every day.  As you grew up, you became the mama duck, doting on your three boys.

Today, you don't call them your boys anymore, you just boss them around.  :)  
You do however take care of your younger siblings, and for the most part they still let you.  You certainly have your very own personality.  Someday we may have the privilege of claiming we knew you before you were famous on the stage as you are quite the performer!!  There is no denying that you have a passion for drama.  

What a job you have...being a girl in the middle of boys!  You do a great job of holding your own though.  We still think you're a good leader and it is certainly fun to watch you excel in the things that you are interested in...swimming, performing arts, singing, crafting.  Over the summer you spent a few weeks on the farm and I recall you stating that you were going to learn to drive the jeep--because girls can!  You did, and that's about all the reason you needed!!

You are definitely one gifted and beautiful young lady, eager to learn new things, teach others, and organize whatever comes your way.  
We love you Mathilda!  Happy 11th birthday!!