September 30th--officially my due date recorded in my chart at the doctor's office.  We've stuck with October 1st only because that is what we initially calculated and it happens to be the feast day of our parish's patron saint, Therese of Lisieux.  Seven children and six of them came after their due dates.  Jonathan arrived two days before Thanksgiving..two days before his due date, although it sure seems like he was late too, but maybe it only seemed that way because my best friend who was due the exact same day already had a four day old baby!!
My pregnancies have always been great.  Pretty uneventful and without complication.  Two miscarriages rocked our world because they were so unexpected and unexplainable and we weren't used to anything like that happening.  I began this pregnancy without high expectations so as not to be disappointed, but then realized I couldn't keep thinking that way.  Sometimes it is so easy to SAY, "I trust in you Lord", yet so hard to actually do it!

Due to the fact that we've never experienced much trouble during pregnancy, my lifestyle has not really ever changed short of simply slowing down a little in the last few months or so.  I ran up until the day I delivered Jakob, practiced my profession without modification during my pregnancy with Joshua, Jonathan and Mathilda, which meant transferring very heavy patients.  I've never considered myself putting baby or myself in jeopardy due to my physical activities during pregnancy.  Quite honestly, I guess I kind of figured that if women used to labor and deliver in a field that there isn't really a reason (unless I've been given a reason by my doctor) to stay off my feet and discontinue doing things that are normal for me.  I'm not a sitter...I seriously have a very hard time not being busy.

Sunday, a neighbor burst into our yard and scolded me for mowing the lawn!  OK...I know that the sight of a nine-month-pregnant woman mowing the lawn with a push mower probably doesn't look entirely normal, but no one in my family thinks twice about it because this IS normal for me.  I promised her that all was OK and thanked her for her concern.  Tim is past worrying what people think, because I'm sure that everyone wonders why in the world a woman with a capable husband and five boys does much of anything.  I could be setting my boys up for a hard road if they expect to find a future spouse that isn't afraid to say "I can do anything you can do"...

My platform on women's lib and being a homemaker might come off as surprising given my attitude that I can do anything I want, but that is quite another post.  (I will say that  I am all about being at home raising my family and promoting my husband to be the head of our home--but if WE decided that I would be the bread-winner, then he would be the homemaker)  I think I will post what I think about that later!

This morning, I could only find humor in the picture that was outside of my home...if my concerned neighbor was home, I bet her mind raced to the worst place!!  There were five fire trucks with lights spinning parked right in front of our house.  My van was home, so it was a good indicator that so was I!  I fielded several phone calls from concerned friends...was I ok??  Is the baby ok???
YES!  All was well for us...the empty lot next door on which breaking ground for building a new home was happening was the reason for all the hubbub!  The diggers hit a natural gas line, which is quite a big deal while it is being taken care of in the after math!

I went outside at one point just to confirm that I would be able to leave my house for a doctor's appointment, and when I indicated that today was my due date and that I figured I would be in good hands with 20 firefighters outside my front door, everyone found a bit of humor.  The day is not quite over yet, and there have been some pretty strong contractions, but nothing yet to suggest that we are heading out in the rain to the hospital.  I learned that I am 4-5 cm dilated, but again, for me and my history, that is meaningless, so we wait...without emergency vehicles ready!  (And obviously, the "vigorous exercise" of mowing did not induce anything!)