It's DONE!!!!

Our new old dining table is finished!!  It was my Christmas present from Tim.

Ewww...looks like my benches and chairs could use a good scrub down!!!

Truth be told, I can't quite remember when we started it...late August maybe?  It's not like it has been a super long process, but definitely longer than first planned.  Father Rush commented at the ice cream social that we would enjoy using it "next year"...ribbing Tim about it being a slow work in progress.  I guess he was right.  :)  I can't wait to invite him to come see the finished product. 
I LOVE the details like the nail holes and chunks that are missing.

I've wanted a big rustic farm table for a long time, although in giving that some thought, I honestly can't remember if a "long time" would be "always" or if that desire transpired after we had kids and I realized that in due time everything we had would eventually end up looking "rustic".  I think my taste went from Victorian to Cottage sometime in the last 13 years.  LOL! 

We did a bit of rearranging for the time being.  The sitting room furniture and desk are in the dining room.  It's a fun change that really opens things up.

We've not been able to find a table suitable.  The ones that meet my liking in design are way beyond the boundaries of our bank account!  The ones that fit within our financial means have always seemed like we'd be "settling".  Here are the two tables that ultimately inspired the design of the table that Tim built.  One is from Pottery Barn and the other from Restoration Hardware.

The wood came from an old barn that had been torn down at Camp Kateri.  It was slated to be burned until Tim inquired if we could have some of it.  It took two trips to bring back what we needed. 

The wood had to be sorted, scrubbed (it was filthy dirty!), cut, planed, sanded, fitted and finally assembled.  We found great plans here.

I think that may have been the fast part.  The finishing is what took the bulk of our time because by the time we were ready to do so, it was cold and we couldn't work in the garage anymore.  These ultra nice days have helped get things finished!  Our original desire was a much more natural look, but we couldn't achieve the look we wanted and the protection that we needed.  Our inspiration tables were over $2000, and our hand-crafted table ended up being somewhere around $200...the main table frame was new wood, plus sandpaper, nails, polyurethane and a paint brush.  The table would have been easier with brand new wood because new wood is already straight, but I'm partial to this reclaimed stuff!

Our first meal at a someday-family heirloom.  This thing isn't going anywhere!  I think it weighs 300 pounds!  Great job honey!  I love my new table!