I was contemplating some things today and somehow got to thinking about a question I was asked a while back. "what would make you happy?"

I am near the end of week two of one of my new year's resolutions. The "lose weight" one. It has been a good two weeks. Apparently I did a pretty good job of convincing myself that I was serious this time because when I had a cookie in the middle of the first week, I didn't crumble and decide it was ruined and I may as well well wait until Monday and start over. I just started over immediately. I have practiced self control as well as self discipline in getting myself to an early morning exercise class 5 out of seven days in the week. Two weeks down...a lifetime to go! (for the record, that seems so daunting). Each night as I lay my tired body down to rest I recognize that I had a successful day and it didn't seem to wipe me out. "that is only possible because God has given me the strength" I say to myself, and then I thank Him.

Tonight as I was offering my prayers of thanksgiving I thought "of course my strength is from God. "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me". Can't remember where that's at in the bible. I always wish I could do a better job quoting scripture and it's specific source. And then I thought how does me losing weight glorify Him?". I'm still pondering that question, but it led me to wondering why exactly I want to lose weight. It isn't so that others think I look good. I think I'm past that. It isn't because my weight puts me at risk regarding my health. It isn't so that my husband thinks I'm more attractive. He's under my spell already. LOL. Why then? I am sure I could really make a list of very shallow reasons but they all kind of boil down to "I would be happier". Which in turn got me thinking (do you see the "if you give a moose a muffin" theme transporting here?

Happier? Does that mean I'm lookIng for happiness in the wrong places? Shouldn't I know happiness because I know the Lord? I do, but there are things that make every day a little easier. I guess that fitting into a pair of jeans or looking nice in an outfit or feeling content shopping for a swim suit just lends itself to being less unhappy in the moment which translates to a better overall mood. Still sounds kind of shallow but it is the truth. It it made me think that there should be something in all things that I desire that will glorify God. It is a stewardship thing I think.

All of this made me think of my answer to the question at hand. "What would make you happy?". My answer was wood floors. They have made me very happy and less stressed out and less cranky. There are lots of things that make me happy. Do i put more weight on those things than they deserve? Hmm. Am I using that gift to glorify God? Again...still pondering

I wish to record my progress on the scale. It ironically broke on Sunday night (I had planned to "weigh in" on Monday mornings), when one of the kids jumped--literally jumped onto the scale a shattered it so I've no idea if I've lost (or gained) a single ounce. That is ok. I've watched the Biggest Loser before. I know week two is not a good numbers week so may e I won't weigh myself again until week 4 or something,especially since I intend to make it that far. :). In the meantime ill be thinking about that question of what makes me happy --and how I can use it to glorify God.

For today I will continue to thank my heavenly father for providing me with the strength to persevere especially as it gets harder.