Big Time

When you're ten, and eleven and thirteen, many things are unimportant...but many other things are very important...very memorable...very BIG.  A quick trip to Denver for instance without the rest of your siblings or your mom and dad...this is VERY BIG and will be long remembered as if it was something that required a passport or something like that!
Cash and Annie had to leave western NE to head back to Colorado for Cash to work on Monday and Annie to work on Tuesday. The planning began to transpire because my mom had to take my sister and my grandma to DIA for their flights on Tuesday morning, so she could bring any visitors back with her and meet us on the interstate on our way back to eastern NE. Sounded like a pretty good plan. Now...who would get to go? Oh, everyone raised their hands and shouted "pick me, pick me", and Tim and I suggested that they take the Suburban and take all seven, but in the end, the three oldest boys got to go.

 They had to leave before the sun rose, and once in Denver, they would be with Annie while Cash was at work. Oh...newly-wed bride...what have you gotten yourself into?? We assured her that they were pretty low maintainence--not that she needed convincing. The text message came later in the day that they were having fun and had only set off two alarms by that time. LOL! Only two?? :) The story unfolded later to find out that one alarm was because in an attempt to reboot a computer, the wrong cord was unplugged from the wall, alerting security of an attempted computer theft. Ha ha! And the second was because they were too close to the memorial at Mile High Stadium. Whew...nothing to be concerned about. It would have probably prevented further trips had we had to go to Denver to bail someone out of jail or something.

 They explored downtown Denver, patroned the newest Rock Fizz in Larimer Square since their gift certificates were burning a hole in their pockets.  They visisted Mile High stadium and passed Coors Stadium, went to REI, swam...
 WHAT?? Yes...they went swimming and then proceeded to play in the snow! And before the day was done, they indulged in the "best burgers in Denver".

I know that it was just a day in the city, but to them, it was less about the city and more about the company.  I remember what it was like to go to my Aunt's house.  It didn't matter if it was a day or a was a huge adventure.  Jakob's trip to CA for a week with my sister is a major memory--for both of them I think.  :)

And as for Annie, alone with three energetic boys??  Piece of cake!  She's a pro...Cash??  He's just one of them.  :)

Thanks Cash and Annie for loving our kids...they think the world of you!