Since Then

Since the beginning of my hiatus from being connected, much has happened.  Here is a brief rundown:

 Remember?  Benjamin's birthday was on Ash Wednesday, so here are the breakfast in bed pictures from his actual birthday rather than the celebration we had the night before. 

 The three older boys competed in the Kof C free throw contest.  Jon and Josh made it to the district championship and Joshua made it to the regional championship.  He was number three in line to compete in the state championship. 

The educational freedom rally at the state capital. Showing our support for a proposal to offer assistance to help make private education possible for more families.

I had the priveledge of throwing a bridal shower for my future sister-in-law Annie when she was in Lincoln so she could celebrate with some of her Lincoln friends.

Honestly, I love a great excuse to play hostess!

Mathilda and I were just happy to be part of Annie's wedding adventures.  We're so excited to welcome her to our family!!

Taking advantage of some of the sporadic nice spring weather to get a jump start on our garden.  We planted several things to grow indoors first before transplanting to the actual garden.

Tiny little seeds...Benjamin is always eager to help with whatever is being created!

He has been the garden labeler for a couple of years now!

The seventh grade class performed living stations of the cross.  Jakob was Pontius Pilate.

These kids did such an amazing job.  It was truly a very moving performance through the eyes of Jesus's mother Mary and the pain she felt watching her Son fulfill this prophecy.

What a beautiful way to meditate on the sufferings of Jesus and the tremendous gift He gave to us with His life.

And of course, while they were reverent during the performance, it was still a wonderfully fun experience for their class and as friends.

Great job 7th grade!

As parent of a third grader, I got to help plan and prepare for this year's 2nd grade 1st communion reception.

Always fun to be creative...especially when it means in honor of something so important. :)

Proud mom moment...

Even better...

Better yet...when they boys can be participating with their dad...or rather this season it seemed more like their dad participating with them.  The three of them were invited to serve at the celebration of Our Lord's Last Supper on Holy Thursday at the Motherhouse of the School Sisters of Christ the King.  It was truly an honor for them...for all of us.  In the following days, Jakob and Joshua served on Good Friday, at the Easter Vigil and then at Mass on Easter morning, and then even with Fr. Rodriguez (formerly at St. Teresa's) in Seward on Easter Monday.  They are always eager to be altar servers...and I love to see them doing so!

Empty.  Not the pews...the tabernacle.  It is empty.  Christ is not there.  During Holy week, the church sanctuary is stripped down and is a reminder that touches our senses of Jesus' suffering and death. 

We dyed eggs on Good Friday this year.  There is a legend that Pilate was eating eggs when Mary Magdelene delivered news of Jesus' resserection, he didn't believe it saying that if it was true the eggs would turn red, and they instantly did, so he believed.  Thus Easter eggs...

Mille anticipating the pre-Easter Egg Hunt parade with Annie.

The big kids helped the little know they figured there'd be something in it for them.  :)
What a wonderful period of time we had leading up to Easter.  Traditions are rich and I hope that our children fondly remember not just the eggs and the candy, but the stations of the cross, the Divine Mercy chaplet, the Lenten sacrifices, the sacred Triduum and the ultimate sacrifice made for us to give us an eternal gift.