Happy birthday Amelia Therese! Two years of today...more than one month after your birthday, I find myself in unchartered territory. At the time of your birth, Joseph was two years and twenty five days old. That is the biggest gap between the seven of you children. You are now two years and 34 days old and I don't have a brand new baby in my arms or the prospect of a new one arriving. You are our baby, but you're not a baby anymore.

You are a walker, talker, climber, helper, nurturer.  You are a snuggler and the biggest sweetheart.  Your dimples give away the smile that lies behind your pacifier, which has turned into a standard fixture it seems.  You're really the only one to have used a pacifier.  You wanted to nurse right up to your second birthday, and for the most part I was totally fine with that.  It just got a little complicated when you would be trying to push me into a chair and proceed to try to tear my shirt off!  :)

If someone asks, you tell them your name is Josh, and you're quick to point out your own clothes, blankets, toys, etc.  You care for your dolls as if they were real and are the most gentle child with a real baby or even another toddler.  You're initially shy, but warm up completely after a while and you're eager to make your siblings crack up laughing with your funny facial expressions.  You give tight hugs and three kinds of kisses:  basic kiss, followed by eskimo kiss, followed by butterfly kiss. 

Trick candles...and a very dirty face!

Your choice of entertainment is a bath, and you love to eat and help cook.  It was so much fun to watch you sing "Happy birthday" to three of your brothers in the weeks preceeding your birthday and then have it be your turn.  "Burtday burtday" you sang as your candles were lit!  You sing while we drive and at home when you sing it is seldom without hand gestures as if you're belting out a persuasive ballad!  You are truly a ray of sunshine to all of us and we love you immeasureably! 

Your babies are always lined up, cared for, covered up, held, rocked and tucked into bed.  They're usually naked too!

Always right in the middle of helping with cooking and baking

Your friend Zach

Happy 2nd birthday to my favorite Amelia in the whole world!!!