Joshua John Vianney

In the Catholic church, when a candidate is confirmed, they take choose a saint to pray for them as they enter the church and throughout their lives...everyday, as they're discerning their vocation, as they're growing and changing, as they're presented with challenges.  They take the saint's name as part of their own. 

The bishop visits and presides over this installation of a very important sacrament.  It is always an honor to have him at our parish.

The children have prepared for this day carefully and are ready to be greeted, offered advice by and questioned by the Bishop.

They are "warned" to kneel firmly, as the bishop will press hard as he applies the Chrism oil to their foreheads.  The sponsors' right hand on their shoulder is a symbol of their support and role of sponsor, but I'm sure it helps to physically support the kids too.  :)

Joshua chose St. John Vianney, patron saint of priests to be his saint. 

Josh's teacher has been a treasure to him, and I'm sure he'll remember fondly his 5th grade year.

Joshua's confirmation sponsor, Mrs. Werner and Bishop Fabien Bruskewitz

Our beloved pastor, Monsignor Nemec

Joshua's godfather/baptismal witness, Uncle Cash

Eager 5th graders just minutes before their big moment.

And to make the day even better...Tim was the sponsor for the son of our dear friends.

Congratulations Joshua!!  We are so proud of you!
St. John Vianney, pray for us!