Oh the feeling of joy one gets when able to do something that has been suppressed for a length of time!  I'm not just talking about blogging or eating here, but of course, I'm not discounting them either.  In the Catholic church, the A-word:  "Alleluia" is not used from Ash Wednesday through the Easter.  On Saturday night during the Easter Vigil, it is reintroduced.  All through Lent, we refrain from singing, saying, using the word and it is saved to heighten the celebration of our Risen Lord at Easter.  It is truly glorious!  More so than that first cup of coffee after not having had any for 47 days. 

It has truly been a remarkable Lenten season.  I have much to write about and many pictures to share.  ( iPhone with that handy dictation app would have been great to have kept all the thoughts I've had over the last six and a half weeks in order!)  We'll see what I can do with them over the next few days!