Note to self:

Next time we have a four wheel drive Suburban, we will not get rid of it and buy a rear wheel drive anything!  We've lived here for six years and all the while we had a 4 x 4, we didn't need it.  In the last two years that we haven't had it, we've needed it several times!  SPRING weather anyone??  PLEASE?? 

 This is at the entrance of our driveway where I miscalculated where the edge was because when our road was cleared, it resulted in our driveway being closed and since it was covered in snow, I guess I turned a little too soon and my back wheel sank right into a three foot pile of snow instead and then proceeded to slide further into it.  This is why I tell my children never to leave the house without coat, hat and gloves!  You never know when you may get stuck on the side of the road (or at the edge of your own driveway!)  Jakob and I tried to dig out, but when only two wheels spin on snow/ice/mud not too much happens.  SOOOOO glad we have the most wonderful neighbors ever that came to my rescue and pulled me out.  This latest snow was supposed to be 1-2 inches!  Try 1-2 inches per hour times enough hours to make 3 foot piles at the side of the road.  :)

If anyone wants to pitch in and buy us a 4-wheel drive, I'm sure I can predict that we won't have anymore weather like this!!  LOL!