Everyone has a dream...WHAT'S YOUR DREAM??

"Pretty Woman" is one of my favorite movies of all-time.  At the beginning and at the end, there is a man in the streets chanting "Everyone has a dream...what's YOUR dream?"

At dinner tonight, Tim asked each of the kids to write down their dreams...dreams for tomorrow, for next year, for their lifetime...anything and everything.  That is a hard thing to do when you're on the spot.  It is difficult to think about what your dreams are.  I think there are so many possibilities, from true dreams and desires to casual wants and material, tangible THINGS.  From things that would be nice to dream about to things that you truly wish to come true.  I mean, I have dreams of being a size 6, of jumping like I used to jump, of coaching, of having a Martha-Stewart-organized linen closet and a magazine-layout home, of throwing birthday parties for my children that also come from the pages of a magazine.  (Maybe I should stop reading magazines!)  :)

 I also dream of having a beautiful devotion to Christ, of building friendships that are stonger than Nebraska winds, of teaching my children how to love by example, of entering the gates of Heaven when I leave this world.  I dream of my children bringing their friends home with them over a college break because they know their friends are going to love it here.  I dream of spoiling grandbabies, developing relationships with my childrens' spouses and even attending an ordination or final vows of one or more of our children.  I realize that dreams are reachable, but some dreams are just easier to make a priority I guess.  It is healthy to dream...not obsess, just dream. 

I was touched by what the kids wrote down.  Their dreams ranged from championship football games to honor society, to professional sports to serving God, to giving away half of their money to charity to being a parent and having a big family, to having a religious vocation.  They shared some funny things too.  We promised not to laugh at anyone's dream, but we reached a point where it became difficult, especially when one of the dreams was "to not have to write down their dreams ever again" and "to be better than my brother".  They were clearly looking to get a few laughs!  I thought their dreams were very reasonable.  And really, even if they weren't I feel like it would be just fine for them to dream and acknowlege that dreams change. 

I used to dream of being a jockey...not a disc jockey, a horse jockey.  Of racing.  By the time I was in 7th grade, I had to put that dream aside since I was already too big to be a jockey!  :)  Their dreams told me that we are instilling in them things that are important.  Some may not think dreaming of being a professional athlete is something of importance, but along the way there are things that go into reaching such a dream and if well-guided, could certainly result in much glory to God.  Bottom-line, there was a great deal of gratification in hearing what some of their dreams are.  We would never squelch their dreams.  Tim and I look forward to helping them achieve their dreams.