Sneak Peek

It's Jon's birthday tomorrow. He'll be nine. It'll be a jam-packed day from the time we get him up with breakfast in bed, to having a couple of his friends out to play, to heading to Crete to watch Terra play volleyball in a National Tournament game, to staying up late to watch the Huskers play. The cake had to be made tonight or probably not at all, which really wasn't an option, so...

Sub sandwiches with fries and ketchup...

Those aren't real fries... knew that right??

...and the meat isn't real either.  Hee hee!!

I'm pretty sure he'll think this is pretty cool.  I do.  :)  Did I mention how fun I think these crazy cupcakes are??  Someone (not me) is way too creative!  Glad they mean for their ideas to be copied!

BTW...pound cake fries, Starburst ham and cheese, gum drop tomatos and onions and corn flake lettuce all under a Little Debbie Donut Stick bun!  Sublime!