"I" Week

"I" week was a short one.  No school on Monday in honor of All Saints Day, and I'm sure we didn't need any extra snacks given the amount of Halloween candy that was being consumed.  The letter "I" was a bit more of a challenge that had me searching online without much success until I thought of adjectives like "Italian" and "Irish" and "Indian"...I was about ready to use "Interesting" and "Intriguing", or simply have a different form of Ice cream every day!  That would've probably been ok too!  :)

Here is what we treated ourselves to during "I" Week:

 Ice Cream from Runza

 Irish Soda Bread
 Island Smoothies and Island Clouds
Italian Runza--mini Runzas
I wasn't going to pass this one up!  Especially since I had coupons!  LOL