"K" Week, and Then Some

Sadly, I've realized each week that if I didn't have snacks and pictures of snacks, I may not actually take the time to write anything!  Good thing for the alphabet and the snacks that go along with it!!!

This week was "K" week.  We had a snack each day after school, but had to improvise at least once.

Klondike Bars


Kake...yes, I do know how to spell it, but then it wouldn't start with "K" now, would it??  We brought home six...yes, six cakes from the cake walk at our parish bazaar, so I couldn't rightly skip the cake.  Just for the record, I sent a whole cake and a platter FULL of pieces of the other cakes to work with Tim.

Knotted Pretzels
and finally, Brownies...I didn't take a picture because they were just kind of boring.  The kids asked me what they were and I said "Brownies".  "Ka-brownies?  Mom...."OK, 'Killer' brownies".  They keep me on my toes!

Our week began with our St. Teresa's Parish Bazaar.  For years, we've had to be there all day because of our volunteer responsibilities.  This year, we were able to sit back and have a lot more leisure time.  Grandma and Grandpa A always come enjoy the day with us.

There are always treasures of some sort to be acquired.  Between all the games and the prize tickets redeemed for little trinkets and toys, to the consolation candy, or the cakes from the cake walk or the pop from the ring toss, the kids keep themselves busy collecting.  Tim and I enjoy taking advantage of wonderful selection of repaired rosaries to add to our own collection, and it is often fun to look at the jewelry and all the baked goods and pies.  It has become tradition to eat spaghetti and then come over to the school for pie and coffee.  The silent auction is my favorite.  All kinds of treasures and the friendly bidding wars and the excitement and anticipation of winning an item.  I don't go crazy, but it is certainly fun for me.

This year, I didn't win a few of the things I was bidding on and I didn't even bid on a few of the things I wanted, but we did bring home a couple of "new-to-us" treasures.

This same picture hangs in my parents dining room and Tim has admired it for years.  He's always said he wants to find one for us.  :)  Now we have one in our dining room.

A wall rosary for...a wall in our house?  I haven't decided where to hang it yet.  When we lived in Lincoln, I had the perfect spot for it, but obviously, I didn't have it until now.  It's my weekend mission to have it hung up.

...and finally...I didn't bid on this quilt because I couldn't justify spending money on something that I really didn't "need", but I thought about it everytime I walked by it.  I'm really drawn to quilts like this...I love how they pucker around the stitching and how the fabric is so soft because it is old and worn.  Someone clearly put a lot of work and love into this quilt.  When the auction was over, I actually regreted not having bid on it.  I was helping clean up after the auction and lo and behold, it was on the list of things that didn't sell.  What??  No one would want this??  I asked if I could purchase it for the minimum bid, and of course I was obliged, so now it is mine and I'm glad!

I'm delighted with my treasures. 

In the meantime, we've switched gears from football to basketball.  Jakob is playing on the 7th grade St. T's team and Joshua is playing Spirit, but they haven't had a game yet. 

And finally, I was tickled pink to pull my extra sets of Jesse Tree ornaments out that I started a year ago.  (I made 27 sets of them for a school to use during Advent, and 2 additional sets for myself.)  The two extra sets needed some finishing work since the big project was finished last spring.  I finished them and decided to put them on my Etsy store for considerably more than they were sold for to the school, but definitely what I felt they are worth after the time and attention to detail in making them, and to my surprise, the first set sold within 12 hours!  I thought about keeping a set for myself, but I'm still trying to discern what our family will do to celebrate Advent and I'm leaning toward something that doesn't require me to take out and keep track of more "stuff".  Besides, I can always make another set if I want to.  :)

I'm excited for the approaching seasons.  Thanksgiving will be spent with my family in the western part of the state.  I love holidays with family...the more the better.  Advent will follow and then Christmas, which is by far my favorite. 
I recently took some things I made to a holiday boutique at a good friend's house. I've always felt so welcome the moment I enter her home...always. She decorates beautifully. She has a beautiful home. She has a beautiful heart, and I'm pretty sure that is why her home reflects welcoming warmth. I want that...in fact, I've thought alot about that this week. It's a whole different post though.