Sewing, Short Cuts and Snow

When things slow down...oh brother, who am I fooling...this pace is going to be the norm for a while.  It was "J" week here, but after starting out with Jelly doughnuts (I know, we've had donuts like three times already!) and Jerky, we didn't make it to the Jello Jigglers or Juice Stop or the Jalapeno Poppers...well, the poppers were mostly because I seriously couldn't think of anything else except Jelly Beans and Jolly Ranchers and Halloween was not long enough ago!   Hopefully "K" week will go a little more as planned.

My sewing machine has been humming lately.  Seems all this cooler weather has people wanting to bundle their babies up and they're finding my car seat covers.  It makes me happy to make things that make people happy...and it's fun too.  Every time I finish another one, I think it just may be the cutest one yet.  Here is what I've donated for the silent auction of our church bazaar this weekend:

 Cute car seat cover to match the diaper bag, a sling and a nursing cover.  Good thing I'm not a  procrastinator, so I got these all done well ahead of time!  (**Wink, wink**)  I've been spending a little time in my sewing room!  We were running out of coffee cups the other day and then I realized that they were just being stored in the wrong place! 

Mathilda and I got to spend an afternoon together to get some new things, including new hair styles.  She's really never been one to leave barrettes or bows or headbands in her hair, and her hair is so fine too.  It was so cute when it was short.  She agreed to get hers cut if I got mine cut.  I must admit, I made the appointment with knots in my stomach.  It's been a while since I've had short hair.  Hers is so cute, although I don't have a picture yet.  I like mine too, and soon I won't even think twice about the phantom ponytail that requires the ponytail holder that is still around my wrist!   For the record, I'm really not a fan of taking pictures of my face in the mirror.  It was two inches too short to donate, darn it!

At the begining of the week, we were basquing in the 75 degree awesomness of fall in November.  We've had some pretty chilly nights, but the days have been nothing less than gorgeous, allowing outside play to continue.  (There's a new knock-out competitor named Ben!)  :)

Jack Frost visited yesterday, but the afternoon was still delightful.

Today was cold and we were reintroduced to playing inside.  Every suggestion was met with a "that's boring" until finally the paint and ceramic ornaments came out.  This always happens and seems to last a week or so until the warm weather is a distant memory.  The clouds covered the sky, the rain started to fall and by evening, it turned to snow.  Although the sight of it was beautiful, it didn't really excite me, but the kids?  It excited the kids!  It didn't take long for them to pull the snow gear out. 

They were all out, building snow forts and snow men well after dark!  Poor Millie...she wanted to go out too.  She even put her rain boots on.  (Yes, that diaper is pretty saggy.)

It's white out there baby!

Oh, and just because it was funny--last Saturday we stayed home by ourselves to watch the Husker game.  We had kind of eaten a late breakfast and didn't have lunch planned, so I started laying out a spread of little more than junk food, but none-the-less, everyone had to eat, and the game was on, so...

That's not the funny part.  The kids asked me who was coming over, and when I said "you are", they were tickled pink that this was for them!  "You're the best mom."  Yes, I feed my children junk food specifically for the compliments.  :)