Too soon to say goodbye

It's really starting to look like later in the fall. The combines have been out in full force and in their wake, bare fields are left. Trees are looking a little more naked, and as the day matured, the wind picked up and blew in a bunch of grey clouds to make it feel a little more like cold is coming.

Fall has been incredible so Indian summer as the heat lingers but the humidity vanished.  The evenings have been cool, the mornings crisp and the afternoons calm and warm and serene.  Summer clothing hasn't been put away yet, but winter clothing is slowly being added back into the closet.  We go shopping in the basement, through all of the Rubbermaid totes and everyone is thrilled to have something "new" to wear again.  It is the perfect weather in a perfect season.  Cool enough to open windows and welcome in the fresh, fragrant air, and warm enough to play outside until the sun goes down, which is early enough that bedtime doesn't get shoved aside.  Sweaters and boots and wool socks instead of flipflops that help the coffee with the warm-up-in-the-morning process.  I'm sure I could ramble on for paragraphs finding fun little ways of expressing my love of this season. 

This morning seemed especially beautiful.  Maybe it's because I didn't have anything on my agenda.  No where to go, no where to have to be.  I took the kids to school, mostly so I could go to Mass.  Joe jumped out of the Suburban with new black dress shoes on that were two sizes too big and on the wrong feet with two different white socks on and jeans that were a little too short...OK, it could have been worse, he could've gotten out without shoes!  That's happened before.  :)  He was excited to see the vehicle of his good little buddy George, and was then thrilled to be in the same place!  The exchanges between the two of them during church from across the aisle from each other were priceless...mischevious, but priceless!  I bribed him with the promise of a treat from Starbucks (more for me really!) if he could do his very best to behave and wait until after church to get silly with George.  Thankfully, he was up for the challenge, with some occasional encouragement to remind him of the stakes.  I extended the invitation to several of the other moms that happened to be leaving as we were and it just happened to work for everyone. thinks of having coffee with other moms after Mass as kind of a relaxing, peaceful, enjoyable time, but remember, we all had our little children with us in a tiny little crowded store filled with adults who were there to get their morning wake-up-and-get-going liquid energy.  That being said, it WAS enjoyable, and relaxing from the perspective of a mom, and pretty peaceful really considering there were nine littles.  It was short and sweet.  It didn't need to be long.  A couple of us lingered a little longer outside and then my crew headed to the grocery store. schedule was simply dictated by the moment only.  We leisurely strolled through the store and then finally headed for home in the warmth of the sun and the calm of the blue sky.  Amelia closed her eyes for the last 10 minutes, giving her all the nap she needed, so when we got home, we were again at the mercy of...NOTHING. 

We stayed outside just to soak up every single bit of beauty.  I have this bit of anxiety about the possibility that this gorgeousness is about to be gone very soon.  I heard it is supposed to get cold for real in the coming days.  I'm not ready.  It's always a tough transition into winter when playing outdoors just isn't reasonable.  Right now, the bikes are still out, the trampoline is still up, the sandbox still has toys in it.  I guess we'll just squeeze every last bit out while we can.

It is hilarious to watch her on the trampoline.  Her courage has grown and now she is comfortable climing in and out and running all around on it and "jumping" just barely.  Joe insisted that the training wheels be removed from his bike today.  I resisted and tried to convince him to just let me adjust them a little.  He wouldn't hear of it.  We compromised by removing one of them.  To my surprise, he did pretty good.  AFter a while he came back in and again insisted that BOTH wheels needed to come off.  I obliged, mostly so I could show him that I was right and he wasn't ready.  Boy did he prove me wrong!  I was completely wrapped up in helping him conquer a two-wheeler when I saw his determination. 

"One foot on the ground.  Pedal up.  Just like a scooter."  These were the instructions I gave him and he kept repeating it with each attempt.  It only took a few and he was off--ALL.BY.HIMSELF!

 Go Joe, GO!!  He was so proud.  High fives all around!

Even his big brothers and sister were thrilled when they witnessed his accomplishment.  I guess I need to learn that independence comes a little faster when you're 6th in line.  (Or 7th!  Can't say I probably would've let my others on a trampoline at a year and a half!)

I feel like I've gotten to the end of the day often these last days to say, "It's all good.  It's SO good."  I love the fall.  I don't care as much for winter, but I WILL enjoy it.  I'm sure there is joy to be found there to.  UNTIL THEN, I will drink in the last days of fall, because it is too soon to say goodbye.