G Week Snacks

Seven weeks ago we started having snacks based on the letter of the week, beginning with "A".  Letter #7 is "G".  We had an abundance plenty of ideas to choose from, but here is what we ended up with:

Guacamole and Chips
(I put pureed edamame in with the avocados and didn't tell the kids...they asked why it tasted like fish.  Fish?  Needless to say, my children that love guacamole didn't eat much of the green stuff.)
Great Grandma's German Grebels

 Goldfish with Crunchy Garbanzo Beans and Grapes
I thought the Garbanzo beans were good...I was alone on that.  I would've said that I don't have picky kids, but they may prove me wrong by the time we reach "Z"
 Granola and Yougurt Parfaits (in Martini glasses because it's more fun and we've never used them for martinis, so we have to use them for something!)
These they liked...of course, cookies with chocolate frosting in between!  We made them and they ended up so good that I think they'll be a new addition to our Christmas cookie collection!  Easy and pretty too!