Just When You Think...

Why is it that no one sleeps in when they can, but can't roll out of bed when they're supposed to?  Or a little one falls asleep in the car everytime you're driving at nap time except the time when you drive at naptime to get them to go to sleep?  Or you don't get invited to a Pampered Chef party for 2 years and then you get four invitations in a three week period?  Or as soon as you decide that living 25 minutes from everything is perfectly fine and you'll make it work, you don't have dinner as a complete family one time in 8 days and feel again like moving is the only option?  I'm sure it all happens for a reason...or at least that's what I'm telling myself to make it seem less ridiculous. 

It's been a busy week...haven't I said that every Friday for the last six weeks or so??  The kids and I were planning to drive to western NE for the long weekend that we have from school, but at the last minute decided that staying home needed to happen.  It's not often that we choose much of anything over something that involves family, but for our my sanity, it was necessary this time.  Mathilda's class participated in the morning Mass on Thursday by reading the scriptures, singing in the choir, taking up the gifts, offering the prayers, etc.  Mathilda's job was to announce the songs from the choir loft.  She has talked of nothing else for the last week!  She's so different from the boys...they would have said, "Our class has a special mass today...can you come?"  (The day of!)  She asked daily...both Tim and I.  We were both there to hear her announce each song and then hear those little 1st grade voices belting out each verse with such zeal!

We went from church to a friend's house to play and visit for a while...pretty long overdue visit.  It is amazing how little it takes to actually hang out with friends, but sometimes how much it takes just to get there.  Thanks for lunch Nancy, and for several hours of starting conversations that probably didn't actually get finished before a different conversation started.  Do you think that will happen when we don't have kids to create distractions?  Are they currently just a convenient excuse for attention defecit???  At any rate, we stayed long enough to have tired kids, but too long to justify driving home before coming back to school by 2:30 for the kids' Living Rosary.  When we left, I thought the kids would crash in their seats before we were down the block and I would catch a little nap too while we sat in the parking lot--NOPE.  (Insert picture here, except I didn't take one!!!  Next time...)

Thursday night seemed like Friday night, and I was half giddy with the idea that I could sleep longer in the morning since there was no school.  I mean every morning, if I didn't get up and wake everyone else up, we'd never make it to school, work, church...anywhere.  It wasn't unrealistic to think that this morning would be any different, except that I just wouldn't get up to get anyone up.  Whatever!  At 6:25:  "Mamaaaa.  Maaamaaa!"  Followed by Benjamin bringing Amelia to me and Joseph asking what's for breakfast.  Mathilda was up and Jonathan was already heading down the stairs to play the Wii.  What is wrong with this story????

We did enjoy our day despite getting up early than desired.  It was a good day to make cookies, and I had been planning to do so all week, although in my head it was much more poetic.  You know, everyone waiting patiently and taking turns rolling out their dough and carefully cutting out their shapes, laughing and sharing and bonding over 30 minutes of making sugar cookies. 

LOL--hysterically, because in approximately 5 minutes time, maybe 10, a tornado of kids came in, rolled, cut, argued over who was going to use which rolling pin when and whose dough was the right thickness and where was the right place to put their cut out shapes and promptly left.

 It felt like one of those sequential videos played at high speed, but real life!**SIGH**  Oh well, there's always the frosting, maybe that will be a little more Norman Rockwell-ish. 

There was a bit of a time-lapse in between baking and frosting and part of that consisted of another attempt of family pictures, although we did just the kids instead of the whole family.  I have a friend who is getting her feet wet in her photography business and she thought our crew would be good practice.  Hee hee hee!  I'm sure she got to practice SOMETHING.  :)  It was fun and she's a peach.  I can't wait to see her pictures.  I snapped a couple of random ones along the way.

Alexis's pictures are going to be sooo great...beautiful setting, beautiful lighting...beautiful kids if I do say so myself!  :)  I'll admit, I was totally bribing them with candy, and at times gave a lot of thought to upping the ante!

The cookies were waiting for their frosting when we got home, so we ate what looked like mush in the crockpot, but it was actually a hit,  (My really lazy version of chicken noodle soup and butterballs... which my grandma would probably smack my hands for making it this way) and then prepped for a frosting frenzy.  My expectations were not as high as they were with the rolling and cutting.  :)  MESS=FUN and usually YUMMY. 

No Millie...no more!

I'm running in the morning...no sleeping in, so I'm sure that everyone else will.  :)