"D" Week

There are 26 letters in the alphabet.  We are on D week and my brain has been challenged as well as my organizational abilities to stay on top of snacks that start with the letter D.  Often I do things with such grand intentions in my head...I imagine how it will all unfold, and I'll tell you, our weeks have not reached my level of imagination fantasy yet.  Rather than having our snacks beautifully plated and waiting for our children when they arrive home, they are often left in the pan, thrown on a plate or as they were this week, picked up from the grocery store and pulled out of the box on our way somewhere! 

In the course of a different topic that led me to the same thought process of "wouldn't things be nice if only life could be at a slower pace", I had this idea of attempting to have a "1950's" week where we would step back in time--in a realistic manner--and imitate family life in the 50s.  This of course would mean home-cooked everything, no cell phone or computer, and the part that I think would be most fun:  being a 50's housewife and attempting all that was deemed expected of her.  I would love to work on creating a 21st century atmosphere that reflects this mindset...to a realistic extent anyway.  I think the suggestions are a great foundation of how we as wives could honor our priveleged vocation.  I need to put some planning into this and do it during a week that our activities are minimal to get a fuller effect.  There is always something appealing to me about vintage things and the nostalgia that surrounds them.   think I'll even go for the skirts, heels, pearls and aprons.  :)  Alas, that is for another day when I have nothing else going on though. 

Back to "D" week:
Date Bars
 ...and as we were making our next D snack, I had some help...I guess this is the way she eats on Oreo...
 ...yep, this is my daughter's work.  See the tell-tale pacifier left as evidence!  Apparently the filling is the best part.  The liitle sneak!  :)
Dirt cups

This week, every single snack was eaten in the car due to our schedule.  We now have a permanant roll of paper towels stored in the Suburban.  Friday's planned snack was Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen, but we encountered some attitudes that wound up taking us right past Dairy Queen without pulling through.  I just couldn't bring myself to reward and/or encourage the behavior that was happening inside the vehicle that afternoon, so we went snackless.  (That's not all true as each of the kids had a really yummy molasses cookie from Mrs. Brox when we stopped there to pick something up after school, so they weren't starving!)  Thanks Melissa!!!!

Joe recognized this week that the letter was D and not "apple".  Progress!!

I'm thinking that our "E" snacks need to be a little healthier, although I'm sure I wouldn't meet much resistance if they weren't!