From Inside of the Box(es)-- Redbox and my Inbox

The purpose of my blog is to provide an account of my life...memories, important details, etc.  It is essentially a scrapbook with journaling (unlike my actual scrapbooks which have pages that contain empty spots for journaling to eventually--translate "probably never"-- happen.  This post is a little of that and a little bit of promotion too.

Today, the kids and I were going to go to the last summer kids movie at the theatre, but because the Suburban is still not in working order and Tim is out of town, I had no means of transportation suitable to get all of us to Lincoln.  (Can you imagine that bicycle scene?)  Since we have been looking forward to this all week and our plans had to change, I decided to stop and get a RedBox movie this morning.  (Jakob has been serving 8:15 mass all week and I took the Suburban back to the shop afterward)  We would have a movie morning at home, complete with popcorn and well, doughnuts...Jakob's choice, not mine, but I didn't object.  The movie we selected was "Letters to God".  I must admit that it wouldn't have probably made the cut had there been other suitable movies available.  It just didn't really look like it would be action-packed or really funny.

We all sat down to watch this movie, popcorn in hand, (doughnuts already consumed).  It ended up not being a movie that kept the full attention of the littlest kids--they kind of came and went, but for the rest of us, it was a spectacular movie.  It is from the same makers of "FireProof and "Facing the Giants".  It was emotional...especially for me as a mom...with a terrific message.  I sobbed through the last 30 minutes. (It's no secret anymore that this will likely happen every time!)  The bigger kids really enjoyed the movie too, being rather intense in the attention they paid, especially toward the end.  The movie spurred good conversation, which is always a pleasant bonus, and even a comment about how there should be more movies like this that aren't afraid to talk about faith and God.  I AGREE completely!!!

Soooo, for the part that I don't intend my blog to be, but couldn't resist this time:  If you have time to watch a family movie together and you feel your kids can handle or not be adversely affected by some minimal real life situations of some alcohol abuse and a broken marriage and the main content of cancer, then put this one on the top of your list.  Pop some popcorn, use the bathroom (you won't want to interupt the movie) and for heaven's sake, make sure you have a box of tissue handy!  (And, if you haven't already seen "Facing the Giants", that's another great family movie.  The kids watched it on the way to Scottsbluff and Tim and I listened to it and nearly pulled over on the side of the road so we could hop in back and watch it with them!!)

AND, I must add that watching this movie actually made me appreciate the chaos of yesterday in a much different way!  :)

Read more about the movie at
AND...I found this in my inbox this morning:

I just thought I would write you a note to tell you how much I love you. I also want to remind you what a wonderful Mother and Wife you are.  I know you have days when you reach your wits end. Sorry I can’t take those days away. However, and I know I am not saying anything you don’t already know, but it is those days you must turn over to the Lord. Those are gifts (hard to imagine) that allow us to remain humble and realize we need Jesus’s saving grace. Yes, he saves us each day from ourselves and our tendencies. I know it’s easier to say that than to do it but each day just keep plugging away. God will bless you and the family for those days.

I know talking with the kids they always recognize how much you do for this family. Don’t think I don’t remind them either. Each day you totally give of yourself to serve them and me. You are a shining example to me. You persevere through all the struggles and get up and do it all over again. When I reach obstacles in my day at work I lean on the thoughts of you working hard for our family at home to nurture our children. Yes you have a bad day now and then and its ok to feel that way, but I admire how you get up and do it all over again for the love of our children. I know deep in my heart and you should trust this too, that our children will have fond memories of your Motherhood when they grow up and they will look for wives just like mom. They will never get a lucky as me though because God broke the mold when he created you. You are exactly the one he made for me and I thank the Lord each day he did.

Keep your head up and enjoy the next week with the kids. I will miss you deeply the next couple days. Not many women can do what you do and do it with so much love. I will pray for you while I’m gone. May God bless these next couple days and I am looking forward to the few hours in the suburban on Saturday. Let’s leave early so the kids will sleep and we can talk. Then we can laugh about how the best laid plans turn upside down when the kids stay awake the whole trip and are loud as can be. Then they are tired because we got them up early. On second thought, maybe we shouldn’t leave that early. Anyway, I will look forward to Saturday and spending the weekend together. I hope you have made arrangements to go scrapbooking with Melissa next Friday. You deserve some time off.  I love you with all my heart and soul.
Your husband

Best husband ever?  I think so.  :)