No you can't...yes I can!

Benjamin has been out at Cowboy Grandma and Grandpa's house this week.  We have been so fortunate since Christmas to have enough traffic between Lincoln and Scottsbluff to allow Ben and Joe to go stay at different times.  They thoroughly enjoy their time...all of them, grandparents and children alike.  When you seperate one child from their family, you typically get a different child.  The dynamics are different.  I think that their behavior speaks volumes about their life inside of their big family and how they are being raised.  It's better that they are well behaved away from home than obnoxious away from home, and when they are (well behaved), then I think it says that we're doing something right.  It was a good time for Benjamin to go, as since he turned 5, he's been a little too big for his britches, so Cowboy boot camp was well-timed.  It's ironic, because by the time he gets there, he totally doesn't need any attitude adjustment. 

I think that Benjamin and Mathilda kind of get the "middle-child" stuff.  It seems like they're never quite old enough or big enough, and in the next breath, they're too big for something else.  Ben has had to wait "sooo long" behind his big brothers.  That's why we decided to send him to preschool.  He really needed something that was his own.  He is so eager to do whatever someone else is prove that he can.  He's pretty good at keeping up with the big kids, and works hard to be heard, seen, noticed, and acknowleged for his accomplishments.  Cowboy Grandma has commented several times during this current stay that he just lights up whenever he is complimented or can tell about what he's done.  He's so proud of working along side Grandpa and Uncle Cash...hard work that makes you tired and really hungry.  He did it...he worked with the big kids!  He just wants to make sure he's given the chance.

A night ago, he was out working with the guys when Grandma announced she was going for a walk.  He jumped up and insisted that he go with her.  "No.  I'm going too far for you."  His insistance continued, and her resistance did too.  Finally, she gave in, but not without the stipulation that he would keep up the whole way, not complain or cry or say he wanted to stop.  She was ready to show him that she was right and he should've listened to her.  The mission began briskly, Benjamin eager and Grandma determined that prove a point.  They were going to walk 2 miles.  At over a mile and a half, Benjamin was still going stong, having kept up the entire time without missing a beat.  With the house now in sight, Ben decided it would be fun to play a game.  "Let's play 'red light/green light Grandma."  After explaining to her about the three colors of the light, she agreed to the game, but there could be no red lights.  "No stopping".  There was still a good portion left that Ben needed to keep up and finish!  Green light meant run, and yellow meant walk, so there was a little interval training going on to end, and when it was over?  Benjamin beat Grandma into the driveway, running, having completed the entire two mile trek.  And Grandma?  Tired and sore the next morning from the workout.  :)  Guess there's a new boot camp sargent in town now!