1st Holy Communion

Saturday, April 24, Jonathan received his first Holy Communion.  What a wonderful day it was...beautiful weather, family and friends present, and the highlight of course was Jonathan receiving our Lord.  Friday, the second graders had a retreat day to help prepare them for this big day...the second of the three sacraments of initiation into the church.  It was a big day for him...for all of us.  He has been waiting for this day for such a long time, practicing with his Necco wafers, or tortilla chips, and now finally...
Stirring yeast into the flour to make bread dough during the 1st communion retreat and then kneading the dough.  "Jesus is the bread of life."

Hanging out with Levi during the retreat.

We worked on making all of the food on Friday night for Saturday afternoon.  Everyone pitched in somewhere!
Gathered after mass to pray together.

Jonathan with Monsignor Nemec and Sister Mary Maximillian.  Sister is his 2nd grade teacher who has made this year such a wonderful one.  Jon really thinks the world of her.  She has a gift of really relating to these young children and setting their hearts on fire for the Lord.

And this picture...is the one that was on top of the priority list for Jon.  This is Addie.  She is the light in Jon's eyes since Kindergarten.  They're good friends, even though she is a Missouri fan!  :)
Grandma and Grandpa Andreasen and Stricker, Uncle Todd, Aunt Jody, Jace, Uncle Jim, Uncle Cash, Julia, and the Belitz family were all here to celebrate with us.  We stopped by the Taubenheims to snap a couple of pictures of Jon and Lauren.  They're only days apart in age!
It is inspiring and a wonderful reminder when you see these 2nd grade children so excited to receive this most blessed sacrament. 

Congratulations Jon!!  We are so proud of you.  God bless you!