My husband rocks

Over the course of blogging, I've written about almost everything that makes my world go 'round, but seldom does my wonderful husband make the black and white stories.  He is usually telling of the same stories I write about to his coworkers who I'm sure enjoy every one of them.  Our house full of chaos is no secret, and it often provides laughter to perfect strangers, although no one is a stranger to Tim.  He can meet with a brand new client and by the end of the meeting, engage a new project, talk about tax strategies, and, yes, introduce his entire family to these new acquaintences.  He is a proud papa. 

If you ask him what his plan was 20 years ago as he was graduating from high school, he would have told you work, work some more, make a bunch of money, and then some more, and maybe by age 30 get married, and by 35 become a father.  Well, we pretty much squelched that plan!  Married by 23, daddy by 26, and by 35?  Six kids! 

He's the youngest of three.  I'm the oldest of three which is why we're probably such a good fit.  He calms me down and I light a fire under his butt.  We laugh about the way our marriage began...a little rough just because we didn't spend much of our first year together.  If he wasn't traveling, I was completing a clinical affiliation somewhere other than Lincoln.  He recalls it being a little tough to shut off the hotel mentality when he came home...and learn not to just leave everything for the maid to clean up.  Things haven't changed much in regard to the fact that I'm still not the maid.  We fought about really stupid things.  I use the term "fight" very loosely...they were more like intense disagreements...I said 6:30, he said 6:35.  He said 1.1 miles, I said 1.15 miles!  I was convinced he did things just to make me mad.  He would offer to open my door and I would be offended because he apparently didn't think I could do anything on my own. 

I could write for hours about all of the things we've "outgrown".  We'll be married for 15 years in a few months.  That's a long time, but it is strange to think that we haven't known each other all our lives.  We look forward to the time when we can celebrate 50 years and talk of memories like my grandparents do.  We still have disagreements, but not often are there times when there is tension...mostly because Tim will say something really almost stupid to make light of the disagreement and it quickly brings everything back into perspective.  I admire him for that and oh, so many other things.  I'm pretty sure it takes a very special man to put up with my stubborness...I'm never wrong you know.  I was reminded just a night ago how very much I am just like Jakob--or rather that he is just like me.  At the time, it wasn't meant as a compliment since I was stewing about how rotten Jakob could make me feel and how stubborn he is about everything! 

--talks to the boys about...EVERYTHING.  They have conversations other dads long to have with their boys.  He especially promotes their relationship with Jesus.  Not every parent can do this or do it well.  Tim does an excellent job.  It would be really easy to just send them up the stairs to bed and enjoy the quiet time, but he takes the extra time to just hang out with them, have those growing up conversations, and be straight forward with them instead of resorting to "they'll figure it out someday".   He IS the rational one...the one who doesn't turn into a 7 year old...the one who doesn't take TV away "forever", rather a week...
--plays with the kids--all of the kids.  He can do make-believe.  He can be the horse or the bull.  He can play all the card games and all the board games. 
--isn't afraid to be goofy.  The kids love it.  It probably ties right back into that make-believe too. 
--lifts our kids up.  I don't mean physically here.  I mean he builds them up.  Reminds them that they're made in God's image, that God loves them ALWAYS and that we love them always too.  He explains that stupid decisions don't make stupid kids.  He compliments their efforts rather than finding something to criticize at every bend. 

He loves me.  I mean he really loves me.  Enough to clean the kitchen even when he really would rather not just because he knows it would mean so much to me.  He quietly works on my heart rather than nagging at me to change.  He encourages me to do what I want and discourages me to take on too much.  He expresses not only to me, but to others the big job that I have and the success with which I'm doing it.  He is patient and doesn't complain even when he could.  He just does it...quietly, simply.  He strives to love the Lord genuinely and more every day. 

He thinks he's selfish, but I think he is one of the most selfless people I know.  Family means everything to him, and while being a parent is tough, he continues to see it as such an opportunity to lead little souls to Christ, all the while recognizing that we fall short of so many things daily. 

This is the man that stayed up until 3:30 am trimming hundreds of ornaments to help me meet a project deadline.  Who does that?  I went to bed!!  He took the next day off work so that he could help with the kids while I worked on completing this project.  This is truly someone who is thinking not of himself.  Knowing that these acts of service will fill my love tank, he continues to do them and patiently wait for me to learn how to fill his love tank. 

Yes, my husband rocks...sometimes to the beat of some very strange music, but after 15 years, I can' wait to have another 15.  Thanks Tim!!