Mommy, What Were You Thinking?

Saturday we swapped boys with the Brox family.  This happens often with the oldest three boys, and occasionally we're starting to swap the oldest girls and the little boys too.  One would think that they all fit the other family.  They play well together, fight like siblings and are comfortable in the other family's environment.  Jonathan went to their house and we brought Sam home with us.  Joshua was at the house with Joe and Mathilda waiting for our arrival.  Joe met us at the back door watching everyone jump out of the suburban.  When no one else got out, he raised his hands and asked, "Mom, did you not bring Isaac?  Why did you not bring Isaac to my house?  You should not leave Isaac at his house again.  I was going to have a play date with Isaac."  Apparently, he had been talking all morning about having Isaac come over.  It was news to me, but I will certainly think of it next time!  :)