Pause it

Joseph stayed at Grandma A's house a while back for a couple of days. Whenever he's there, she works on helping him go potty in the toilet. He does great for the most part and then comes back home and doesn't do so well. This is always ok with me, as I don't have the time or the desire to make the time to stay on top of training him. This last time though, he came home and kind of made a bigger effort to continue Grandma's diligence. He would still bring me a pull up or diaper if he needed to poop, and even today he still won't go on the toilet, but he's got the potty thing down really well.

We were watching a movie one night as a family, and every time someone had to go potty, they would say, "I've got to go to the bathroom, pause it!" Joe, of course said it too and then it became part of his "TV time" routine. THEN, we were outside and he said "I have to go potty, pause it." "Pause what??" I don't think he had any idea! That's just what you say when you have to go to the bathroom!