Missing Jakob

This month has flown by. We were in Montana and then Joshua stayed in Scottsbluff for a week, followed by Tim and Jon going for another week. When they returned, Tim went out of town for two days and then Jakob went to Scottsbluff for a week. He is there right now and Tim is out of town again for two nights. He returns Friday night very late and then on Saturday he leaves again for another week. Jakob is coming back with Grandma and Grandpa Andreasen tomorrow and they are having him stay in Seward, then Tim will pick him up on the way to camp...they'll both be gone for the week and then the other kids and I are going to SB for a few days, followed by Tim being gone for a couple of days and then a wedding that he is in which of course involves the wedding things of bachelor party, pre-wedding golf, rehearsal, reception, etc, then he'll be gone again and then school starts! Some summer!!!

We did not camp one time together as a family. It seems tax season just got over. We did spend a good amount of time together with baseball games, and vacation to MT.

Jakob was home with me while Tim and the other boys were gone for a week and that was a really good week. We had our ups and downs, but overall, my 10 year old son stepped up and really helped. He put Joe to bed and laid him down for naps. He slept until the late hours of the morning, but he also helped out during the day without complaining. We really spent some nice time together...mostly staying up until 11:00 pm watching Good Eats, but he was a huge help and pretty good company. I realize that this week I guess while Tim and Jakob are gone at the same time. Joshua and Jonathan just aren't quite the quality help that he was. There is a little more laziness and complaining and giving up. I shouldn't compare, because these are younger brothers. It's a good realization though, because sometimes I don't give Jakob enough credit. I find myself really missing him right now and really sad that I won't see him for another entire week! I need to remember to tell him how much I missed him when he was gone.

Joshua was a huge helper today though, and I musn't overlook it. We went to the grocery store, and for the most part, he calmly made it fun for Mattie to stay with us and tried to help keep Ben realed in. Ben of course just did his own thing and 90% of the time we had to go look for him or put groceries back on the shelf that he had knocked on the floor. It is never much fun to go shopping with him. Tonight, he peed in an onion keeper in the living room. I don't really understand it much. I love that little boy, but he is going to take some extra TLC!!

I confess that I am not looking forward to Tim and Jakob being gone together for a week. John and Jeanette are taking Josh, Jon and Ben for three days, so that should be very helpful and then we're going to SB for the rest of the week, so hopefully it will go by quickly. I think it takes a very special person to be a single parent 24/7!! I'm glad I don't have to do it 365 days a year!!