Is there an actual word to type for a HUGE sigh??? I will find it! This is just a quick rundown of the last hour here: One big, beautiful, brand new, full of blooms hydrangea bush...all blooms removed, torn apart and scattered through the house. (not even planted in the ground yet!) One package Skinny Cow (expensive, but good weight watcher's snack) ice cream sandwhiches consumed. One package powdered sugar from a gourmet cake mix opened and eaten (and dusted all over the just washed slip cover on the couch, not to mention the just vacuumed floor). No naps...just spent the last 45 minutes trying! Oh, and prior to that, lipstick, eye shadow, shoes, clothes, shampoo, face lotion and deodorant...not where they used to be. All beach towels (washed yesterday) now wet. Three loads of laundry on the floor (not one dirty piece when I went to bed last night). One naked child (who has been dressed at least four times today). Breakfast bowls full of brown sugar and milk...I think there was supposed to be oatmeal in there. Spoon still in the brown sugar, as well as the peanut butter and honey, not to mention the cracker sleeves are open and scattered in the drawer.

Counting down the minutes until Tim returns home from work and just wishing that bedtime will successfully happen at 7:30, but not counting on that.

I must quickly mention that yesterday the neighbor called to tell us that Ben was "breaking into" people's homes. He apparently took his screen off, crawled out his window and then proceeded to walk without shoes and shirt on to each neighborhood house to find someone to play baseball with. One home he actually just walked into!

US:LKJEITGHOISH:DOKLBNH?LKH"IH@@@@@****!!!! There it is!!