Comfort Food

This morning I opened up a box of coffee from Gevalia. I go back and forth from getting shipments from them and cancelling. I guess I always go back because I usually pay for good coffee at the store and I really like this, so getting it in the mail is convenient. In this box was a flier with seasonal flavors...pecan torte, blueberry creme, pumpkin spice and german chocolate cake. thoughts instantly went right to those wonderful, comforting thoughts of baking in the fall and winter. I love baking, new things especially. I love the aromas of not just the food, but the coffee, the fall air, the fireplace. I always think about recording things about me: what I love, what makes me happy. Of course my children make me happy. They also make me crazy, but I think that this thought of comfort food...creating it, eating it, smelling it, enjoying it must describe a very big part of who I am. I don't want to hurry summer, or life for that matter, but I do always look forward to peaceful, crisp fall days filled with comfort!