Raising a thief

I just got done writing about raising a geek...being ok with demanding obedience, and now I'm going to tell my story of the theif that I'm raising!! Benjamin...who else? It is because of this child that we have a lock on the pantry, that we finally bought a lock box to keep medicine in, that things need to be hidden, put up high, removed from spaces. He is a sneak. He is manipulative. I sometimes wonder if he processes instructions or if he has just learned that it is more convenient to be in trouble for a short period of time than it is to do what he doesn't want to do. Yesterday he picked the lock of the lock box and sat in my bedroom closet eating vitamins. I have no idea how he did this or what he used. I had the keys with me. He has also confiscated my pantry key, sometimes being so bold as to try to pick my pockets (the front pocket of my jeans--WHILE I have a big belly protruding and consequently making my pockets quite tight) to get it!!!

Just for the record...this behavior is not being encouraged. (I only add that because if I tell someone about this who doesn't have mischevious kids, the response is worry and "you better stop that right now" and "you shouldn't let him do that". ) We're not. :) But the story itself is blog-worthy.