25 Random Things about me

I wrote a note entitled "25 Random Things" on Feb. 1 on Facebook. Here is what it said:
1. I am letting my children run wild while writing this and two of them are naked.
2. Each of our kids get breakfast in bed on a special plate for their birthday, we ring in the new year at 8 pm, we eat all red food on Valentine's day, we use our best dishes and set a fancy table for Christmas and we don't buy birthday presents.
3. I love my children every day, but don't always like what they do.
4. I have a strong desire to have a fervent prayer life.
5. I was born in a Catholic hospital and baptized by a priest due to the scare of not making it to the next day. (How's that for irony?)
6. I enjoy sewing, scrapbooking, camping, gardening, working outside, cooking, competing, reading and am not really good at not being busy.
7. I would choose being a mom over anything in the world every day and am really excited about meeting our daughter in about 6 weeks.
8. I wish my siblings and parents lived closer.
9. I am a Physical Therapist and someday plan to return to practicing but probably never full time.
10. I have a husband who I love more today than I did 14 years ago and I am excited about growing old with him.
11. I have been blessed with some amazing friends, many of whom are just like me and are terrible about keeping in touch!
12. I played volleyball in college and wish that I could find that athlete inside of me again.
13. I WILL run a marathon before I'm 50. (My goal used to be before I was 30)
14. My favorite date night is a couple of hours at Barnes and Noble.
15. I have never had a job as hard as being a parent. I've never had a job as fullfilling as being a parent.
16. I am PRO-LIFE.
17. I day-dream about all the home improvement projects I'd love to be able to afford. I love a clean house, but hate to clean.
18. I'm thankful for my family, for my midwestern roots, my experiences growing up, the values that were instilled in me, the memories that I have and the skills that I learned.
19. I wish I had today's knowlege yesterday.
20. My favorite season is fall. I think I have seasonal affect disorder, and often wonder why I live in Nebraska, until I remember how much I really like living in Nebraska.
21. My dog chews on EVERYTHING and I sometimes wonder what we were thinking by getting a puppy when we already have a house full of chaos.
22. My most comforting smells are a freshly sealed gym floor, fresh cut grass, rain, lilacs, good coffee and surprisingly sugar beets.
23. I have a severe weakness for fudge, chocolate covered almonds and diet coke.
24. My kids make me laugh EVERYDAY.
25. I love my life, and despite all the THINGS that I want, I would live in a cave as long as my husband and kids were with me.