Baby on the way

I realized it has been a little while since I recoreded anything about my pregnancy...I know I will not remember it without recording it. At my visit yesterday, my 35 week visit, I tipped the scale at 194 pounds! YIKES!! That is where I was a month ago and two weeks ago at 187, so there is some shifting going on. I've needed to increase my fiber intake which is no surprise. The funny part here is that instead of the nasty drink mixes that I've used in the past, now there are some really yummy fiber granola bars, toaster pasteries, cereal, etc. Ben got into the pantry and ate two granola bars and a package (two) toaster pastries and then wondered why he couldn't stop pooping! No one in this family besides me needs any help with that!! Since then, we have put a keyed lock on the pantry. This of course makes no one happy except Tim and I. The fruit bowl, the sugar canisters, the kool-aid mixes...they're all in there.

Back to this baby...she is active and just like the others, does full somersaults in there. I feel like I'm carrying her a little differently as she isn't up in my ribs yet, but lower. I do feel enormous, and of course feel like...well, I know that much of my weight gain has been in my rear must be a girl thing, because it was the same with Mattie. I tell myself that I am not messing around after she is born. I am going to lose this weight just as fast as i did the first three times! I hope that happens. I wish I had the metabolism I did then, not to mention the energy. The exercise challenge is just keeping kids healthy enough to take them to the Y. We're planning to get a bike trailer, so maybe that will help too.

We're not far from re-introducing chaos here. Thirty some days and counting. The doctor asked me if I wanted to induce. We're in no hurry unless my due date of the 21st comes and goes, at which point we will definitely consider it due to Jakob's confirmation date being on the 28th. I can't wait to meet her, but also recognize that it is so much easier to take care of her while she is safe inside me too. Besides, I am still working on the two rooms that I started on three and a half weeks ago, so I'm two and a half weeks past my deadline!!! I still have at least two more rooms to reorganize before her arrival. I have not had to have a progesterone shot for three weeks, and won't have anymore. I'm glad for that. Three through 33 weeks was long enough!! My iron level must be better, but I can tell I'm in that last stretch because I am tired again. The nesting may have started as I patched and started painting touch ups on the walls in every room.