Twelve Days of Christmas

I realize that the "twelve days of Christmas" have come and gone, but given yesterday we celebrated the Baptism of our Lord, and that this marks the end of the Christmas season, once again, I don't feel like I'm late with this post, I've just waited to enjoy the fullness of celebrating before wrapping it up--and yet, I'm sure I'm still going to miss something and post about it later.  :)

This year Tim and the kids wanted to recognize Christmas as a season rather than a day by giving me a gift each of the twelve days.  We've talked about doing this to a greater extent in the future, especially since Christmas gets so commercialized year after year and seems to turn into a shopping countdown with decorations out the day after Halloween and then promptly taken down on the 26th of December.  We don't necessarily want to have gifts each day, but at least do something in recognition of the season and explore some different ways the season was traditionally celebrated including the feast of the Epiphany and the Baptism of our Lord.  Lots to think about for next year, but for this year:

I didn't get to open my first gift until Christmas day and it was accompanied by song from the eight that it was from.  "On the first day of Christmas, your true love gave to thee, a seam ripper fo-or sewing.  So went the next eleven days.  Everyone involved was excited...Tim and the kids to give me another gift and sing the corosponding verse, and me to see what was inside the wrapping.  Each gift was thoughtfully and purposefully chosen...
1 seam ripper for sewing
2 cutting blades
3 disappearing ink pens
4 packs of gum
5 ba-a-a-ck rubs
6 sprees of sugar (rolls of Sprees candy)
7 hugging children
8 rooms of cleaning
9 size needles for handstiching
10 sewing machine needles
11 coffee dollars
12 pops a fizzing

Each package wrapped and numbered and under the tree.  Each verse sung with actions to help describe the gift.  I meant to take pictures each day of each thing...the Sprees are all gone by now...only a shred of the package left!  Gift # 7 will be around for a while though--best one on the list!  :)
Lex Logan Photography photo