Snow Day and Other Really Cute Stuff

The kids went back to school on is Monday and it is a snow day.  As of the end of the normal school day, there is a blanket of just about a foot of snow on the ground.  Even though we just had a longer break for Christmas, it was still exciting last night when we found out that school would be cancelled and to have a spontaneous vacation day today!  It's kind of an extra holiday that prompts unusual events.  I think we need unannounced, unplanned vacation days more often.  It is such a treat to not have plans or places to go, rather a day of lounging, playing and setting the normal rules aside.  We slept in, got up and made breakfast--a better one than a normal rushed school day, although it was planned regardless...just a little more enjoyable with the extra time.  These biscuits are the BEST I've ever made...from scratch...and I will be saving this recipe. 

And since my girls are laying eggs again...

 We had egg, ham and cheese biscuits that hit the spot this morning!

 The remainder of the day was unrehearsed, unplanned, and unmistakeably fantastic. 

It is beautiful out here when it snows, especially since it is untouched.  There is just this big, massive blanket of fluffy white. 

...and when it falls, especially when the wind isn't blowing, it is elegant and serene...and even more so knowing we don't have to go out in it if we don't want to.

BUT, not going out in it is not an option!  From the moment they got out of bed, Ben and Mattie were begging to go out.  Do you know how it works when little kids go out to play in the snow? 
9 am:  start looking for snow clothes
9:01 am:  give up and beg mom to help
9:02:  snow clothes found because I looked with my eyes OPEN, which often helps!
9:15:  finally bundled up
9:16:  "I have to go to the bathroom."
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Every time!!

They made it outside though, and I must admit, for the most part they got dressed by themselves, so it was much less of a process than it used to be.  It just always seems like it takes three times as long to get dressed in comparison to the amount of time spent in the clothes!

 All of the time ends up being well worth it though!!  Can't you tell?

Poor Millie...Mom said "not now", which actually turned into not at all, so she just watched out the window with Nick by her side.  I think she had fun watching--seemed like it anyway!

 And, playing outside warrants this:

 The big kids spent most of their afternoon scooping.  They went from our driveway to several of the neighbors.  I think many of the neighbors know by now that they're not looking for anything in return, it just gives them something to do, and I guess until they're told they have to do it, they still enjoy it!  A couple of years ago, one of the neighbors got a little worked up about them helping because he couldn't grasp the idea that the boys didn't want anything for it.  He kept coming out and telling them they didn't need to scoop and he wasn't going to pay them.  They said ok and kept going anyway when he finally gave his permission for them to finish.  :)

The only thing that comes up on the negative side of their charity is when a neighbor gets home and is totally disappointed that he can't use his own winter toys to get the job done! LOL!!


 The rest of the day was pretty much more of the same.  We made cookies, which we actually haven't done for quite a while.

 And watched some of them being the older version of "Annie" which I of course sang along to and the kids looked at me like I was from another planet!  I can't help sister and I used to have the red dress and the locket when we were little!

 This pretty much sums it up!  Snow day, hot cocoa, fire in the fire place.  It just doesn't happen this way if we plan for it to. 

Oh, and because I can't pass up posting these:

 This is Millie helping me cook.  I'm not sure what she is cooking...looks like dinner for 27!  :)

 Did you catch the rain boots?  On the wrong feet?  Without pants?

And then later at dinner during prayer.  (No, I don't always have my camera at the table, but we prayed twice tonight just so I could catch this!)

And then she realized she was on the spot! Got it!

Happy Snow Day!!  (Here comes the wind, so maybe we'll have another one tomorrow!)