Happy New Year

I resolve...Oh, I'm not even sure I should go there.  I always have so many grand plans and then do a miserable job of meeting them all.  I guess the new year is always a good time to evaluate and make resolutions for how one wants the next 365 days to unfold.  A good time to decide that things that were not so great will be better and things that were good will be even more-so.  I've heard of some wonderful traditions that families have at the end of each year to recap those previous days before stepping into the next year.  We don't really do any of them on purpose, but as I look back through my blog, I'm reminded that I have captured many memories.  I'd love to do a post that lists our highlights of 2010, but I guess if it was a highlight, it was blog-worthy, so I'm already done!  Ahh...the feeling of accomplishment.  :)

I do resolve to continue every day toward being a better mom, wife, friend, servant, Christian...in no particular order.  I'm pretty sure that there is a definite butterfly effect with all of them.  That's not entirely true...of course nurturing my relationship with Jesus will be at the top of my priority list as I know without Him I can accomplish little and with Him I can do all things.  Sounds pretty simple, but rest assured, it is something that I must decide to do daily.

The rest of all of my ideas for 2011 will remain ideas, and if they morph into a form of accomplishment, it will be a lovely bonus!  I will make lists though.  I have conceded that I can not hold the same amount of information in my memory as I used to be able to.  :)

As for 2010, we escorted it out in style.  The kids and I went to a movie with a dear friend's family whom we haven't spent time with for a while.  Nancy's sister Amy has been staying with them through the holidays, so we jumped at the opportunity to do something with her.  Amy has the gift of Down's Syndrome...I say gift because if you've ever known anyone with DS, you know that they do have a special gift of loving with such great magnitude.  I got to know Amy very well in college, especially during the year that I lived in her home with Nancy and their mom.  She delights in the smallest things and you can't help but be filled with joy when you're around her.  And she has a memory like a steel trap...she'll remember going to the movie with her five nieces and nephews and six of their friends for a long time!!

Later in the evening, most of our small parenting group got together to ring in the new year.  Each of our families agreed that we didn't want to abandon our families for this celebration, so it only made sense that our families celebrate together.  It probably won't be long before our oldest children start getting invited to their own events and we're very much about preserving things like this for as long as possible.

Seventeen of them...six of us!  Are we blessed or what???

We ate...of course we did...we played games, we visited, the kids played games and watched movies.  We prayed a family rosary...a great way to start a new year. 

We even took a short break to glue Jonathan's chin back together.  NO, REALLY.  They were pillow-surfing down the hallway and he fell and hit his chin on the wood floor and sustained a gaping cut, wide enough to warrant sticthes.  Why did we let him pillow surf?  It looked like fun!  I don't know.  Probably not the wisest parental decision we've ever made.  :)  The thought of heading to Lincoln crossed my mind, but the idea of waiting in an emergency room, especially on New Year's Eve was really daunting, so we used skin glue with antiseptic followed by super glue and a bandage.  He has picked at it, so it didn't heal like I wanted it too, but it won't be terribly visible later. 

Beyond the chin-gluing, it was wonderful.  The evening went really quickly.  Most often, New Year's Eve finds us ringing in the new year around 8 pm and asleep by 11, but this year, each and every one of us welcomed the new year and the new day at 12 am. 

We DVR'd the ball drop in Times Square to play back at any point after that. Sparkling grape toasts, "Auld Lang Syne" tapped out on the piano, squeals of delight from over-tired children because they were allowed to stay up so late AND consume sugar, and hugs and kisses. :)

I love seeing babies on the hip...especially like this!  Natural mommy material here! 

A load of dishes later and as we end 2010 and begin 2011, I'm thankful as ever for friends, family, all that God has provided to us, and the opportunity to make this year even better than last.