scurflapholablahdodadeoh (skir-flaf-oh-lah-blah-doo-dah-dee-oh) adj.  to describe the feeling of lots of different goings-on and the inability to tie them all together with a common theme other than "My cup is full!"
And I'm not talking about coffee...although it has been full of that lately too, especially as I continue to try to get our Christmas cards out.  (Someone save me from this fudge!)

I obviously made that word up...I honestly didn't know how to spell the expression that comes to mind when I think about...well, all that fills my cup.  It is is running over!  It's Christmas, so how could it not? 

I have a peanut-butter-faced, pacifier-plugged, almost-two-year-old leaning over my computer as she rearranges cinnamon rolls, and removes her paci long enough to blurt out a sentence that doesn't make any phonetic sense, but definitely has expression that says she knows exactly what she's talking about--and take a bite of her roll.  Excuse me while I wipe frosting from my screen!

Beyond that, I'm not even sure where to start.  It's the day before the last day of the year.  Seriously!  I don't even understand time anymore, and don't really have a very good concept of it.  How can it possibly be the end of 2010?  I'm still working on starting my new year's resolution--the one I made in January 2010!!  Yikes!!!  :)

I love it when my kids are home...for various reasons.  One is that they're here...with me...with me...with me.  Two is that we don't have to go anywhere unless we want to.  It takes us a little bit of time to get into a groove of a different routine.  There is a lot of sleeping in and wearing pjs until late in the day though.  It's all good. 

We took advantage of our time and packed a "picnic" lunch to take to Tim's office...something that doesn't happen often, but we all had to eat, so why not?  We used the conference room. 

The older kids have on occasion had the opportunity to go to work with their dad during busy season when the office is basically closed, but busy.  They will remember this fondly for a long time.  It is a real treat to be there and draw pictures, watch a movie, have hot cocoa...all at dad's work place!  They enjoy just going to see him there even if it is just briefly...picking which elevator will take them to the 16th floor, and even the ride up.  Such a big thing for a little person!

 I'm sure to them it seems like the building is enormous and it is a true adventure. 

The weather has been amazing.  This morning when we ran, it was 54 degrees!  That is NOT winter weather, especially at 5:30 in the morning!  It was fabulous...we almost had forgotten how to dress to run in these temperatures and found ourselves returning with layers wrapped around our waists.  I've said before how blessed I feel to have friends to run with.  They are remarkable and I treasure them.  Friends...good friends...real friends...the kind that you confide in and listen to and pray with and love.  My cup runneth over there too as I got to have dinner with two dear friends from PT school.

 Steph is so good about making time when she is "home" from Arizona, and Jill and I never pass up an opportunity to spend time together when it works out.  I love these women and the solid and special bond the three of us have.  Steph joined us to run this morning, which makes me realize even more how wonderful my friends are--when you can just intertwine friendships like that! 

When we run, we get to talk about all kinds of things.  I am reminded always of the beautiful spirits that I am surrounded with.  The wonderful ways these women create traditions in their own families and the vigor with which they show and teach love and their faith.  They are truly amazing.  I'm so lucky to have such fabulous ideas to steal for my own family.  It seems that all of my friends are just full of truly genuine ways to instill good values and habits and traditions in their families.
 Via an idea shared in a Christmas letter this year, we've collected all of our Christmas cards on a ring and will flip to a new one each night and then pray for that family.  See??  Truly remarkable ideas!!  Thanks Craig and Kim...(and whomever you got the idea from too!)