The Christmas Card 2010

Photos by Lex Logan Photography
 How can it possibly be the end of 2010. Time does truly fly when you’re having fun. We have so much to be joyful about.

Tim maintains the role of amazing dad and solid provider for our family in so many more ways than just financially. He also holds down the role of husband, but I can’t find the right adjective that does him justice. Let’s just say I’m pretty lucky!

I’m still at my same job. CEO of an amazing organization that changes on a daily basis and truly tests all of my qualifications. To make ends meet, I’ve taken on a couple of extra jobs…you know, taxi, maid, chef, etc.

Jakob is in jr. high, has about 2 inches to grow before he passes me, played baseball for two weeks before breaking his arm, was in a cast the entire summer and recovered in time to play football. Before all the trauma, he got to fly to CA to spend a week with my sister.

Joshua is in 5th grade and is preparing for his confirmation. He got to play a lot of baseball this summer on two different teams…each with one of his brothers, and is playing basketball currently.

Jonathan is in 3rd grade and since last Christmas, we’ve celebrated his first Holy Communion. He too played baseball (with Josh) and got to compete in track at the Cornhusker State games. He is Amelia’s secondary care provider. (Her surrogate mother as he would say.)

Mathilda is in 1st grade and enjoys being part of a group called Little Flowers with several of her friends. She played t-ball with Benjamin.  She is learning piano along with the three oldest and entertains us often with self-written plays.  She provides a noticeable estrogen perspective to her band of brothers.

Benjamin is in Kindergarten on T/Th and every other Friday. He was not very happy when he realized he would not be there every single day. He loves school. After waiting his entire life, he finally got to play ball like his brothers this summer—with his sister!

Joseph is three. Do you need more information than that?? He is a treat and makes us laugh every day. He just wore baseball clothes all summer long and was pretty content to sit and watch and spit sunflower seeds.

Amelia is 21 months! She’s not a baby anymore! She’s beginning to talk with words, but can definitely express herself without them too. She is the resident copy-cat and is a very quick learner.

Every day with all of them is a joy. Some days are much more challenging than others and everyday gives us a new learning curve (and a bigger grocery bill).  We’re always checking the color of the grass on the other side of the fence to make sure it is the same color green as ours. We’re blessed with amazing friends and fabulous family that makes each day even better. And…no, I’m not pregnant…I’m not sure if it looks like I am, or it just seems like that would be a natural announcement about now.

We wish you a very merry Christmas and His abundant blessings in the coming new year!

On behalf of our family with love,



sogladimhere said…
Those pictures are so awesome.
Sandi said…
Proud and blessed to be the Grandmother. When I see pictures like that, all the challenges and tension melts away and disappears!
Kristi said…
just beautiful. I love it!!
Aubrey said…
Love it! I find myself offering that last answer without being asked ... "No, I'm not pregnant." Your family is amazing! I love the photos you got, especially of them holding hands and walking down the path. Those are priceless, timeless treasures!
Cathy Reese said…
Janel, My eyes filled with tears of joy when I read your blog & saw your beautiful children. You're such a wonderful mother/wife/friend. Your family is so blessed to have you & you have been blessed also. I hope you all had a wonderful CHRISTmas! Advent & CHRISTmas took on a new meaning for us this year as Chuck's father passed away December 17th surrounded by his family. He brought us so much closer to Christ the last 2 days of his life. We miss him so much already. Virginia (wife) fractured her pelvic bone the morning of the funeral (22nd) and was not able to be there. We video taped it for her and it was beautiful. She can't see; but will be able to hear everything. She just got out of the hospital & is at Tabitha Home for rehab. Please pray for the reposed soul of Doc/Herb/Papa, healing for Virginia & finding peace (she & Herb would have been married 59 years on December 27th) and for strength for the rest of the Reese family. God bless & Merry Christmas! Love, Cathy

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