L and M Weeks

It comes as no surprise that L and M weeks are a little late to be posted and were a little challenging to get through.  We are after all half way through the alphabet, and things usually get tough at that mark!  It has just been a challenging couple of weeks anyway.  Despite the warmer weather making it feel as if it were still fall, we weren't able to evade the dreaded winter sick-bug.  I'm sure it has a specific name, but it is better known as the flu, even if that's not really what it is.  You know...the throwing up-headache-all-around-nasty bug?  It arrived at our house last Saturday and didn't leave until today (hopefully), and made it's way through the family, one member at a time.  I believe God gave every mother a very unusual gift of being able to just deal with throw up when it happens.  He did not offer this same gift to men.  I would clean it up as part of caring for my family over and over again, but I certainly wouldn't be upset if I never had to again!  No one made it to the toilet in time, and I feel like I've done my share of clean up by now! 

Wasn't that a nice pre-cursor to posting our snacks for the weeks?  :)

"L" Week:
Luna Bars

Lemon Bars

Limeade and Lefsa
Note:  homemade lefsa is SOOOOO much better!   Hopefully we'll get some made for Christmas.
We also had Lemon pudding, but I didn't get a picture of that. 

"M" Week


Mango Smoothies

Merry Christmas-M&M-Marshmallow treats.  MMM, and a triple M at that!  I patted myself on the back for this one!

Mint oreos and Milk
 It seems that we have officially crossed over to the majority of our snacks being totally unhealthy.  Maybe I'll get my second wind as we continue with the second half of the alphabet.  Taking that week of Thanksgiving off totally took the wind out of my sails.  With everyone healthy again, maybe I'll rediscover the creative part of my brain!  :)