Wanted: A Dull Moment

Just when I thought there might be a dull moment, something happens to set me straight. There won't be dull moments when one has seven children ages 10 and under! Friday, the day after the last day of school, as promised, I let the kids sleep in as long as they wanted after having stayed up late. Everyone but Jakob finally rolled out of bed by 10:00, apparently ate breakfast judging from the evidence left on the table and then went outside to play. I finished up the necessary chore of cleaning the kitchen and since Amelia was asleep, decided to go outside and weed the garden. There was nothing on my agenda in the way of going somewhere on this beautiful Friday. No one was even fighting! And then..."Mom, I'm bleeding!" I didn't really pay attention, as even the smallest scrape constitutes a dramatic display and dire need for bandaging! "OK", I replied. I did look up, just in case, but no one was screaming yet, so I went on with my business. "MOOOOOMMMM! Ben is bleeding everywhere!" OK, now I knew it must be more than a scrape if his brothers are concerned enough to demand my attention. I walked over to Benjamin and sure enough, there was a big gap in the bottom of his chin and a little river of blood that ran down onto his chest.

"Everyone in the house, dry off, and go get Jakob up." I grabbed a towel for Ben, changed him into dry clothes and then directed everyone toward what I wanted them to do while I was gone. Amelia was just waking up, so I quickly fed her and gave detailed instructions for her care as well. I was also specific regarding phone calls..."call me only if it is an emergency". Last time I was gone, Jakob called stating, "It's an emergency...I can't find the peanut butter!" My response? I called back and asked for mr. Jakob Andreasen. "This is the peanut butter police. I understand you have a peanut butter emergency!" That probably didn't help make my point I guess, as this time the emergency was that we were out of jelly!

Ben needed seven stitches. He was very brave, but when the injected the lidocane to numb it, he cried, because it was painful and he could feel it! My efforts to distract him with conversation were proving to be unsuccessful until I asked him if he was going to call "Cowboy" Grandpa and tell him about his stitches. "Yes" he said immediately and stopped crying. The doctor asked him why he calls him cowboy grandpa? "Cuz he is", Ben replied. "Does he have a horse?" "Yep" "Does he let you ride him?" "Sometimes. But he doesn't let me ride his cows, cuz I would fall in the poop."

He's very proud of his stitches. They're blue, even though he requested green.

There is never a dull moment, but I guess if there were I wouldn't have stories to tell!