Christmas 2007, Benjamin got a football sweatshirt from Santa. He wore it almost every day. EVERY DAY!! It has since become too small and he reluctantly passed it down to Joseph. Benjamin hasn't evolved much in his variety of clothing choices. Between finding a favorite and being infatuated with "characters", he has week long spurts of wearing only certain things. For a while it will be spiderman, then a power ranger, later a particular pair of shorts or shoes. When he's in his "zone", he wants to go everywhere dressed like this...the store, church, baseball games, etc. With the excpetion of church, we pretty much let him. Why not?

Baseball season is now in full swing with the three oldest boys playing or practicing all but one night a week. For a while, Benjamin wore a batting helmet everywhere and slowly he morphed into a full-fledged baseball player. He has aquired pants, socks, cleats and a hand-me-down team shirt from tee-ball a couple of years ago. He has been eating, sleeping, waking, shopping, playing...doing everything in this outfit for going on two weeks now. This morning, he was irritated with me because I wouldn't let him wear it to church. I usually have to peel it off of him at night to wash it for the next day! (That's where his backup "uniform" comes in handy!!) Tonight I caught him trying to slip a "nut cup" into his pants. Oh how I dread the idea of tee-ball next year, but it just wouldn't be right to not let him play!! Since I wouldn't let him wear it to church, he donned his jeans, western shirt, cowboy boots and cowboy hat! (And then got mad at me when I wouldn't let him wear the hat to church!) :)