Etc, etc, etc...

Aminina (uh-me-ni-nah) is how Joe says Amelia. We've begun to call her that as well on occasion. He calls Mathilda "Tilda" which we have at times too. He has lots of words. The most recent development is stupid head and dummy, both of which I am the recipient of. Sigh...I'd worry if all of the others hadn't done it.

Jakob had a ball game last night, and they lost by one run. He is improving each game, but his inability to think before doing sometimes gets the best of him. He was thrown out at home because he didn't look. However, he did throw three runners out at first from third base and according to Tim, it was beautiful. He also dove into first base to remain safe.

Jon also played last night and had two base hits...the first time he came home, the second he was thrown out at second.

The kids didn't have school yesterday, so Joshua went to play at Philip's house and Jakob and Jon stayed home while I went to MOPS with the little ones. The afternoon was a battle to get Ben and Joe to take naps, which didn't happen. As a result, Joe cried for 2 hours straight while following me around the house. We'll see if today is any different.

I did get three trees planted and a few more rows in the garden because Jon stayed inside to keep an eye on Amelia. Before this though, he opened the door for Joe and left it open allowing Nick to escape. Of course, he (Nick) ran to the neighbors, so I made Jon go get him. Joe was in a diaper shoes either, and followed along with Ben. I didn't think much of it, but they ended up chasing Nick even farther, so the next time I looked up, a neighbor whom I hadn't yet met was carrying naked Joe to our house. I met him on the road and introduced myself, cell phone in hand, wearing a white ribbed tank top and gym shorts. Considering I am still 30 pounds overweight, I'm sure this was a great first impression! We've had these white trash incidents before!!

This morning, I've already gotten in a work out, had a cup of coffee and breakfast and have a partially clothed 2 year old climbing me like a jungle gym. Ben is waiting patiently for me to tie his shoes (baseball this is part of his new outfit that he'll wear daily for a week...cleats, baseball pants and a baseball tee shirt. Of course the outfit wouldn't be complete without the oversized batting helmet). The older four went to school. Tim went to work on his mandatory day off because supposedly, he'll take a different day off...this is highly unlikely, and he knows it too. He'll just substitute a day that he already has planned to take off!

We are anticipating having to take away Jakob's next game because he went to school without his assignments, permission slip for field trip and text book, which typically means he'll get a blue slip (a last warning of sorts). The set up consequence for this is missing the next game. This is very frustrating to me and one of the really hard parts of being a good parent. I don't want to take the game away, but it was very clear what he had to get done and what the result would be if he didn't. We'll see how it turns out.

The highlight of my day is that I don't have to go anywhere at all today. At all!!!