Well, I didn't realize it had been two weeks since my last post! Busy is a word that doesn't quite describe what it has been here lately. School is winding down, and for that I am glad. My hope is that the busyness diminishes too. It won't, it will just be a different kind of busy, but that is ok, at least all of the kids will be here. Friday, (in three days) is the last day of school. Next year, Jakob will be in 5th grade, Joshua in 3rd, Jonathan in 1st and Mathilda in kindergarten!! I sometimes feel like it is about to get easier...then again, there is still the idea of another one around the time that Joe is three, so we'll see. That is our thought for now, and of course I document that, because when we had three our thought was that three was enough, so I want to remember that I feel this way. :) We've had graduations, baseball games, bible study, field trips, and year-end events, not to mention the fact that it is FINALLY nice outside, so we can work out there, and boy is there a lot to do!! We're headed to Scottsbluff on Sunday, so we're crunching to get the grass mowed, planted, garden planted, chicken coop built, lawn sprayed, mulch spread, sandbox in, flowers weeded, and then inside of the house is neglected, and it must be cleaned, laundry done, bills paid, etc, etc, so it seems crazy.

Benjamin has really been testing me. We've got some anger issues going on here I think. He has peed in his pants every day for the last two weeks, and Monday at the doctors office, he peed and pooped within 5 minutes of being there. I have not taken extra clothes with me for him for such a long time, that I was not prepared at all. We had to throw his underwear away because I didn't have anything. Fortuneately, you couldn't tell on the outside of his shorts that they were wet. Today, he has gone through three pair of pants and has no more to wear, so he pulled poopy ones out of the diry cothes and put them on. He hates me, so he proclaims about every 3 hours or so, he is kissing Joe one minute and kicking him and pulling his hair the next. There is not a four hour period that goes by without Benjamin screaming because someone is mean to him and he hates everyone. I know that all I can do at this point is just stay after him...spankings, time-out, yelling...those tactics don't seem to work, so for now, I just need to enforce whatever I tell him--it's exhausting, and it's only been 5 minutes this time around!