Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving 2014
Through the years we've traveled for Thanksgiving,  every other year we head to Clarkson to celebrate with Tim's family and on the other years we head west to spend the holiday with my family.   This year was that go west, but instead, my family traveled east!  What a because I love to be the hostess and two because as much as I like going "home", I love that we didn't have to load everyone up and leave home!  

We missed having all of our family around, but we celebrated and included them in spirit.  We had a blast celebrating a "first" thanksgiving with Penelope and Willa.

The time spent was priceless, and as always, Thanksgiving dinner was a labor of love and devoured in 1/4 the time it took to prepare.  The preparation was a family effort.

And while one labor resulted in food going in, another was in preparation for...

something else.  :)

future bathroom under demolition and construction!  Aren't dads amazing?  How do you think they come to learn and know so much?
 We exchanged gifts since we wouldn't have the chance to spend Christmas together...
 ...had a few intense games of NCAA football on the Playstation...
 ...some quality hang out time...
 ...and a fierce foosball tournament that lasted the course of the long weekend...
...and crowned the winning team!
We celebrated my grandma's birthday--86th I think?  She and grandpa weren't able to make it at the last minute, but we called and sang happy birthday, and then ate her cake anyway!  :)

The entire weekend was wonderful and we were greatly reminded of what we are thankful for!


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