Third Thirteen

Happy birthday Jonathan!!!  Thirteen.  There it is, another birthday and suddenly three teenagers in the house.  Thirteen years ago I put you inside of your Christmas stocking for a picture and now maybe your foot could fit!!
You are growing into such a fine young man.  I wouldn't say without your quirks and phases, but generally everyday is pleasant and better with you in it!
Your life at 13 is full of junior high stuff like basketball, choir and student council, Minecraft, music learning about the dramas of jr. high girls.

You're pretty darn laid back and easy to please...especially if sour candy is involved.  :)  All you requested for breakfast on your birthday was hot cocoa with whipped cream.  Of course we had to add something to chew on too, so pancakes and fruit too.  

What kind of a sign do you think it is when we spilled all of your hot cocoa all over the pancakes, your blankets and you???  SORRY!  (We remade it just for the record, but didn't try the breakfast in bed again)

You've got a very distinct and dry sense of humor that is enjoyed by all.

You're downright amazing with little kids and if someday you get to be a dad, you're going to be a fantastic one.  You are great at engaging them and distracting them.  (You are truly capable of instigating arguments with your siblings though--also for the record!)

Happy birthday Jonathan!!  We love you and are so glad you were born!!