Christmas 2014

Shortly after Thanksgiving, we make our annual little trek to the tree farm in Alvo to pick out our tree.  The kids are pretty efficient in their selection process anymore...I'm not sure the last time they picked a bushy tree.  I have them trained to go for the varieties that are the most sparse.  The last several years it has been so cold that they all ran to a tree, made their vote known and then quickly went back inside to warm up!

 Officially reached the 6 ft mark this year! Wow...
 This is perhaps the most important picture of them all:
 Each year we must look back to remember who put the angel on top of the tree last so we know whose turn it is!

Christmas Eve dinner compliments of my grandparents...chicken noodle soup and butterballs.  I'm so glad my kids know and love this dish!

 The new ornament lineup for 2014
 Amelia (olive wood from Israel--from Grandma and Grandpa S.)

 What a gift to have Willa this Christmas.  She may not look happy to be taking pictures, but trust me, she just doesn't know that she is supposed to suppress those feelings yet...everyone else has it down!  :)