Teenager the Second

Holy smokes Batman!  Can it be true that we have TWO teenagers in the house????  It is!  Happy 13th birthday Joshua!  As I went back through pictures to use in this birthday post, I was in denial about  how fast time has gone by.  I looked at pictures from 2008 like they were just last year...not FIVE years ago.  I wish I would have done a better job archiving photos once I went digital.  Lesson learned--back them up, back them up, back them up...ok, maybe I am still not doing a great job of that. 

Ready for it?  The walk down memory lane?  In no particular chronological order...pay attention to the common denominator in every picture!  You've always had a smile that touches everyone in the room!

Musician from a young age...

Deepest dimples ever...

Must do a post on brothers...Please remember to bathe...

...and brush your teeth!!

Little Red Riding Hood

Yes...I will do a blog post on brothers...

These days you're dreaming of a 1985 Chevy Truck...will this do??

This may be my favorite photo...

The greatest smile...even when it is toothless

You started the suave surfer look at a young age.

Followed by the aviator, California Highway Patrol look...

Farm hand--literally, Grandpa's left hand during hay harvest.

Your smile NEVER gets old Joshua!!

...and magical transformation from little boy to young man!

It seems that the younger years must be much more exciting to wake up on the morning of your birthday.  :)

What a special day...Grandma and Grandpa were here to help bring you breakfast in bed!

And even the Bishop took a picture with you on your big day.  (Your 13th birthday was graciously shared with Jonathan's confirmation...so it was one very big day of celebrating!)

A new twist on what has become your traditional birthday cake...Chocolate Eclair Dessert--in a jar.

Happy 13th birthday Joshua!  What an amazing thirteen years it has been so far.  You are an incredible young man, blessed with so many talents and gifts.  God bless you during this year.  You are my favorite Joshua in the whole wide world.  :)