Happy Birthday Dear Joseph!

Happy birthday dear Joseph!  I'm a little behind in posting...we're in the midst of birthday-palooza and Joe kicked it all off! 
It has become tradition that for 11 months following a birthday, each child plots and plans the perfect birthday cake...picture after picture, book after book, magazines, Pinterest, bakery...every idea is considered for "my next cake".  I'm glad about this.  It is not an obsession, and to this point there hasn't been much disappointment, rather escalating excitement about what the actual result will be. 

Joe had his choices narrowed down to about 20 different cakes.  In the final days, he consistently liked several snowman cakes and in the end asked me if I would surprise him.  Of course!!  That is the best!!

The idea of a snowman cake kind of snowballed into a snowman theme...snowman breakfast, snowman treats for school and snowman cake for the birthday boy.

Joe wakes up with a smile on his face!  He was tickled to have a snowman on his plate, with a snowball holding his 6 candles and a snowstorm smoothie to drink. 

It even snowed on his birthday and made the chalk run right down the chalkboard outside. 

Styrofoam cups were filled with popcorn for class treats...the cheeks painted on by Joseph and each cup carefully filled and closed by him too.

We were minus one in the morning picture...Joshua was sick with a stomach bug and we thought it would be better for him to stay in his own bed.  :(
Joe...you're in kindergarten!  Home with me two school days each week and I look forward to those days when we can just hang out at home together with Millie.  You are SIX! 


Happy 6th birthday Joseph!!  You are my favorite Joseph in the whole world and I'm so glad you were born!